123 Garbage Bread

123 “Garbage Bread”

I am excited to take part in my first community bake.  I have been at this sourdough adventure for a couple of years now, and have truly enjoyed reading everyone’s advice and posts.  Garbage bread started many many years ago, with frozen bread dough from my favorite place, Trader Joes!  I learned that my kids would eat all kinds of things if I “hid” them in bread, or spaghetti sauce or …  It all started with trying to make a “portable” pizza when one of them was in their only wanting to eat pizza faze.  I would cut up pepperoni and sauce and cheese and roll it up in a log, and tell them it was “pizza bread.”  It worked!  So then I started really just putting whatever I could into the bread.  Broccoli, onions, whatever leftover meat was in the fridge etc.  and Garbage Bread was born.  If it has cheese it can’t be bad!

So for this 123 challenge, I set out to use up what I had hanging around.

Starter (leftover from many thanksgiving loaves) 160g (don’t ask what was in it – see note about leftovers – I took what I had added flour and water in more or less equal proportions and waited for it to be bubbly)

320g water

480g flour.  about 40+ g of leftover freshly milled combo hard white and spelt, 320g Organic White flour, 120g white spelt

10g salt

I had just finished baking  for thanksgiving (sage and onion brioche for the stuffing, plain sourdough for the table, sourdough banana bread for the granddaughter) and I was baked out…so I mixed all the above together, threw it in the Kitchenaide for 15 minutes  added a knob of butter and let it go for another 5 minutes.  Let it sit until bedtime (about 5 hours) and rolled it out into a rectangle.  While the kitchenaide was doing it’s work, I found apple and sage sausage in the fridge that I forgot to put in the stuffing, made some carmelized onions to go with it, and then grated some cheddar on top and sprinkled with some mystery grated cheese that I found in the fridge).  I rolled the whole thing into a log, put it in a basket lined with parchment and stuffed it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge overnight and most of the day until I got home. (I’m pretty sure it over proofed, but I had very little choice, the DH doesn’t “do” bread he only eats it)  I managed (barely) to stuff it into my roasting pan and bake at 450df for 25 minutes lid on and 25 minutes lid off.

Not as bad as I thought it would be (with the crazy long fridge proof)

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