Ms. Yvonne Chen’s Ham & Cheese Toast

When you see the title of my blog post, you might wonder, “Who is Yvonne Chen?” You may not know who she is, but you must have heard of Tangzhong.  Ms. Chen is the author of “65C Tangzhong Bread“, which had generated a rave for Tangzhong bread making in the Asian baking community over a decade ago. Back then, I just started learning bread making.  The first bread I ever made was the Hokkaido Tangzhong milk bread from her book, and this was also the first bread I shared on TFL!  Today, I will share with you another excellent bread recipe from her book–the ham and cheese toast.

From my experience, I know that Ms. Chen’s formulae produce delicious bread.  Therefore, I want to maintain her recipe’s integrity as much as possible–I only changed her formula minimally to suit my procedures. As you know, lately, I have “CLASified” all the bread I make; this one is no exception. CLAS is a life-saver for a busy mom like me–generating flavorful loaves has never been easier. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the peace-of-mind in breadmaking that CLAS has brought me.  Here it is, another excellent loaf made with CLAS:

95% Ultimate Performer


39% water

24% egg

5% butter

10% sugar

0.9% salt

0.9% yeast

Total dough weight ~ 390g for 9x4x4 tin


ham, diced

Havarti cheese, diced


lightly rehydrated chopped onion


Mozzarella cheese

chopped parsley


88-91F ish x 30 minutes


3 pieces, split each into 2 after incorporating the filling



Proof: 91-93F ish x 120 minutes

Bake: 365F x 35 minutes

Place the dough cut-side up after you cut each piece in half

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