25 Best Slender Kitchen Recipes of 2017

I always love creating this post and reflecting on the last year of recipes. It’s fun to look at what I have cooked and more importantly see what you all have loved! I still get excited every time I am able to share a new recipe with y’all and pinch myself that I am able to do this for a living. I feel truly lucky.

With that, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you. I am able to do this because of you! Thank you for taking the time to visit Slender Kitchen, comment on a recipe, share a picture on Instagram, email me, and for all the other little things you do to share in this community. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I happily read your comments while in line at the grocery store, anxiously await ratings and feedback on new recipes, and smile every time you share a recipe picture on Instagram or Facebook. Seriously, I love you all and I can’t thank you enough for being part of Slender Kitchen.

And without further adieu, here are the top 25 recipes of 2018!

1. Healthy Kung Pao Chicken

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken in a wooden bowl.

2. The Best Mashed Cauliflower

The Best Mashed Cauliflower in a wooden bowl.

3. Lemon and Broccoli Pasta with Shrimp

Pasta with lemon, broccoli, tomatoes, and shrimp in a pan.

4. Egg Roll Bowl

Egg Roll Bowl on a blue plate with chopsticks.

5. Grilled Pineapple Barbecue Chicken

Grilled Pineapple Barbecue Chicken on a plate with cilantro.

6. Roasted Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

Roasted Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables in a foil lined baking sheet.

7. Two Ingredient Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon ice cream in a bowl with frozen watermelon.

8. One Pan Shrimp Fajitas

A sheet pan with shrimp, peppers, and onions

9. One Pot Caprese Pasta

Pasta with tomatoes, cheese, and basil in a pot.

10. Low Carb Creamy Chicken Pasta

Creamy Cajun chicken over spaghetti squash on plate with fork.

11. Sheet Pan Pork Chops, Potatoes, and Green Beans

Pork chops, green beans, and potatoes all on a sheet pan.

12. Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Creamy pasta with broccoli on two plates.

13. Sheet Pan Asian Chicken Stir Fry

Asian Chicken Stir Fry on a sheet pan.

14. Slow Cooker Chicken Carnitas

Chicken carnitas in a corn tortilla.

15. Korean Ground Beef Bowls with Vegetables

Korean beef with vegetables in wooden bowls.

16. Healthy Fried Rice

Healthy fried rice with vegetables in bowls.

17. Easy Roasted Potatoes

Crispy roasted potatoes with a spoon on a dish.

18. Cranberry Tuna Salad

Cranberry Tuna Salad on wheat bread with lettuce.

19. Sheet Pan Healthy Chicken Parm

Chicken parm and green beans on a sheet pan.

20. Tilapia Fish Burgers

Two Tilapia Fish Burgers with greens and cucumber.

21. Beef and Broccoli Fried Rice

Beef and broccoli fried rice in a skillet.

22. Easy Turkey Chili

Turkey chili in two wooden bowls with chips and cilantro.

23. Brownie Batter Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus in a bowl with fresh fruit.

24. One Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

One Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls in a pan.

25. Crispy Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts with balsamic vinegar.

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