3-Hour Diet – Can This Unique Diet Actually Work?

The 3-Hour Diet is a book written by fitness author Jorge Cruise. Jorge Cruise is well known as an established writer with his 8 minutes series based around 8 minutes of exercise per day.

What is the 3-Hour Diet?

The basic principle behind the 3 Hour Diet is simple, eat a meal every 3 hours but never eat anything 3 hours before bed. The idea behind this concept is to increase metabolism, and to help maintain consistent energy levels through the day. Jorge Cruise makes the claim that if you use his program you will lose 2 pounds per week without exercising. He does however recommend exercise of 8 minutes every day unsurprisingly … The diet also addresses emotional saboteurs and issues that can derail the program such as engaging in sedentary activities associated with mindless eating. All meals are based on a source of lean protein, carbs, and healthy fats. One of the key selling points of the book is the various fast food and frozen food recommendations. These factors are very appealing the average person, most people are on the constant go and have very time-constrained lives. The calorie amounts recommended for the daily meals are about 1450 per day. There are some questionable nutritional practices because the 3 Hour Diet functions heavily on processed foods.

Sample Meal

o Breakfast: McDonalds Egg McMuffin, 1% milk & apple

o Snack: Chocolate Bar

o Lunch: Lean Cuisine Cheese Cannelloni, side salad with nonfat dressing.

o Snack: Nabisco 100 calorie Oreo cookie snack

o Dinner: Baked potato, grilled chicken, green beans

o Treat: 12 M & M’s

o Extras: 1 diet coke, 1 coffee, 1 non dairy creamer

Is It Worth It?

The problem I have found with the 3-Hour Diet is that it seems to be a lot of hype and not a lot of substance. The issues that Jorge Cruise explores have been covered multiple times over by many books and diet programs. However, the basic principles behind the book are sound – eat little and often, learning to incorporate the every day foods, and how to make plans and set goals. The book itself is a lot of fluff and inconsistencies. It talks about no calorie counting and then goes and restricts proportion sizes to certain calories! It seems to be filled with positive testimonials and other such filler. This is one of those programs that I can not bring myself to recommend though by all means that does not mean do not try it. There is a possibility that this may turn into one of those common weight loss fads or it may be cutting edge and successful. My opinion leans more towards fad just based on my personal experience with the program. Although this program may work for some, there are far better choices on the market. But again, do not let my opinion sway you from trying this program; for some this may be the best thing since sliced ​​bread and for others may be a complete mess.

Source by Brodie Heinrichsen

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