3 Way to Market Your Downtown Restaurant

You have the location. You have the chef. You have the menu. You have everything you need to get your restaurant going. Having a downtown restaurant has its benefits. If you are in the right location, you probably get lots of traffic and walk-ins to your restaurant which is great. But you want more. Let’s look at three new marketing ideas that you can implement today that will dramatically increase your net profits.

1. Get a Website

I know what you’re thinking- a website? What do I need a website for? A restaurant can not make money on the web. Wrong. Because of the Internet revolution, every needs a website to show its credibility. So what do you put on your site? Pictures of your restaurant, your chef, your staff and your facility. The most important page to include on your website is a menu. Even if your menu changes seasonally or daily, it would be a good investment to hire someone to update it all the time. You’ve been surprised how many people go online to check out your menu and prices.

The next big thing you will want to include is a “Make a Reservation” option. If your restaurant takes reservations this will be a huge marketing tactic for your customer. An anniversary is tonight, the husband is at work goes online to your website and makes a reservation from his office. It’s easy to do and set up.

2. Email Coupons to Your Customers

On your new website, create a page where customers give your email addresses and sign up for a newsletter. You’ll be surprised how many people will sign up for your newsletter when they find out a coupon is included in each one. You then send out an email to everyone on your list once a month, and include the specials for the month, and then offer a coupon made just for them. Before you know it, you have more customers filling your seats!

3. Create a Video

Again you might be asking yourself- a video? What for? Video can be a crucial for your downtown restaurant’s. Video is one of the strongest forms of media. It’s powerful because it’s using two of your senses- seeing and hearing. Seeing pictures of your restaurant, your food, your location can entice them to come in and see it in person. Music, a script and a voice over just re-enforce what they are seeing.

Within the past two years video on the Internet have become extremely powerful. Submitting your video to YouTube contacts customers may not have been able to reach previously. A video on your website can also show potential customers a new aspect of your restaurant that can not be depicted through pictures. Try taking them on a tour of your kitchen, an interview with chef, or preparing one of your favorite dishes.

Hopefully, these marketing tactics have given you some ideas of how to better market your restaurant. By getting a website, emailing coupons, and creating a video you will see a drastic increase in your business, and higher revenue.

Source by Terry Judd

Post Author: MNS Master