3x Apple Porridge Sourdough w/ Raisins

This bread was a real experiment! I had some apples from the farmer’s market that I wanted to use, hard apple cider, and apple YW. I had also wanted to make another bread using oat porridge so I decided to do it all taking inspiration from the idea of apple/raisin oatmeal. This bread uses 5 different flours, oat porridge, sourdough levain, YW levain, raisins, hard cider, and grated apple. I kept the hydration at 55% because I was worried that the dough would turn to soup with all of the liquid from the oats and apple. The oats were not cooked, but were soaked overnight in the hard cider. The bread is about 40% whole grain.

Add Ins Weight of Add in
Grated Apple 300g
honey 30g
oats soaker (hard cider) 240
Oats 144
raisins 150g
Flour added to final dough
T85 22%
Spelt 15%
Whole Wheat 7%
Rye calc 3%
Bread flour calc 53%
3:00 PM Mix final levain and pour cider over oats
7:00 AM Autolyse (flour + water + apples) + take levain out of fridge
8:00 AM Mix dough (levain, autolyse, oats), rest, mix and add salt and honey – first 100 slap and fold and 75 during second mix
8:45 AM Letter fold on counter
Laminate on counter (raisins)
Coil fold 4x
2:00 PM Preshape, 30min, shape, 30min, into fridge
3:00 PM Into Fridge
10:00 PM Bake 27 min at 485 and 22 min and 450

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