5 Quick & Easy Ways To Create Fast Selling Information Products

Information products sell and everyone should be

creating them actively. If you have not started

yet or don’t know how to get started, these

simple steps will show you how embarrassingly

simple it is to create them and make explosive

profits from them.

1. Ask Existing Customers.

Most people fail to make as much profits as they

ought to because they either completely ignore

this unique money making secret or simply

because they feel it will never work!

The easiest person to sell to a second time is

somebody to whom you’ve sold to previously. The

question now is; what should you sell the

second, third or fourth time to that person.

The unbelievable thing is this; these people are

ready to tell you what next they want to buy and

it is one super-smart, absolutely convenient way

to come up with a hit product.

So, if you are in doubt about what information

to sell next and you have a list of people with

whom you’ve done business previously, just ask!

2. Change The Demographic Of A Product

Who does the info product sell to?

Find someone else who needs it in a different

market niche and sell to them. I once read of

how a marketer was trying to sell a certain type

of brief-case and wasn’t making headway.

He then decided to try selling the same case to

magicians and “ooops”.. it started going out

faster than he thought possible.

Now, look around and try to see how you can sell

something already in the market to a new

demographic. Here is an example;

If you have this in the market;

“10 Quick Ways To Become Super Rich”

Notice this particular info product sells to a

general market. Now, you can pick up the same

product, change the niche and sell it for even

more profits.

“10 Quick Ways For Women To Become Super-Rich”

“10 Quick Ways To Become Super-Rich As A Footballer”

With that slight change, you can go ahead to

sell thousands of copies of the new info product

to a new niche and make yourself double rich.

3. Create A New Product Based On Stories

Do you know you can turn stories into giant

money spinners? People love stories. I don’t

need to stress that point. This simple reason is

the back-bone of “giant sales” recorded from

magazines that dig into other people’s lives,

gist columns etc.

With a good story, you can make millions. All

you need to do is turn the story into an

information package and sell it at a price you

name. If for example, you’ve known a man who

lives next door for 10 years and all he does is

feed his dogs (37 of them) every morning, then

take them for a walk later in the evening… yet

this man is a millionaire because he breeds


WOW.. what a money maker story. Put the man’s

story into an information package, teaching the

rest of the world how he does what he does for

profits and you will also become a millionaire

faster than you ever thought possible.

4. Create A Video Or Audio For A Successful Product

Thousands of best selling information products

are out there, selling like crazy BUT are only

available in print form.

Why don’t you just go ahead and create a video

for those best selling info products? You will

make millions just by repackaging the same old

thing in a new way.

Infact, just making a simple audio tape which is

a reading of a best selling, existing product

which people can listen to while driving will do

the trick for you.

5. Do A Celebrity Interview

There is a popular magazine in my side of town

selling so hard… The funny thing about this

magazine is that is just a collection of

pictures, showing celebrities and giving gist

about their latest parties… expensive houses

and stuff like that.

You need to see how people buy it!

If you are the type who doesn’t want to do the

hard work of writing line after line and

creating an information product from scratch..

just go out, find a celebrity, do an interview

and start selling.

You’d be amazed at how much demand for the

celebrity’s interview you’ll get from the

market.. just because people want those secrets

you uncovered during the interview.

Follow these simple, quick techniques and you’ll

have a ton of fast selling info-products without

twisting an arm.

© Oluwafisayo A., 2006.

Source by Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

Post Author: MNS Master