50/50 Cold Bulk Fermentation

50/50 Cold Bulk Fermentation

A while ago Joze created an amazing version of Maurizio’s 50/50 during a community bake which I loved doing at the time ..http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/56967/50-wholewheat-community-bake-jozes-version

I wanted to have another look at cold bulk as I can bulk ferment dough for let’s say 5 loaves or more without the need to have a retarder or fridge to host all the bannetons…so cold bulk overnight and then pre-shape, final shape, ambient proof and bake is my aim…

Joze’s shaping approach is a bit like a ciabatta and I wanted to change it a bit more into a loaf that I could score…

So.. 25g liquid starter, 50g WW Shipton Mill Canadian WW, 50g Marriages Organic Strong White

7:00 and was ready at 12:00 after 5 hours..

AL 9:00 – 400g Shipton Mill Canadian , 400g  Marriages Organic Strong White and 560g water

12:00 Add levain and flour, 60g water – Rubaud

12:30 Add 18g salt and 60g flour, dough temp 25C and slap and folds until almost fully developed not quite yet…

Then into proofer at 80F and three coil folds at 30 min and there was some nice activity and fermentation along side creases from last fold were still slightly visible..ready for the fridge, I thought…

Put in wine cooler at 4C 15:00

Took dough out at 7:00AM  and dough temp was 6C…I know my wine cooler does not quite give me the accurate temp..always a bit warmer..

Pre-shape with cold dough and surprised to feel air in it…

45 min bench rest

Final Shape and into banneton – and then room temp proof for one hour and 15 min…This is the bit where I always  loose my nerve! Can I go longer?

Not to unhappy with the result but wonder to try similar approach with a stiff leaven from my 100% starter and what difference I get in taste and dough strength…

If anyone has some great references or tips for cold fermentation, please let me know… Happy baking… Kat

Dough when put into wine cooler..after 3 X 30 min folds

Dough coming out of wine cooler in the morning after 15 min, dough temp 6C and hate to prick the chap…

Dough straight out of wine cooler before pre-shape

pre-shape of cold dough


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