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This is a 50% whole-grain spelt bread, the rest of flour is T500 (strong white flour).

The dough was hand mixed with 4 hour long autolyse, then starter was mixed in and the gluten was developed with scoop & stretch method. Salt added after about 30 minutes and a bit of additional  scoop & stretch for about two minutes and then stretch & folds every 45 minutes for first 3 hours of BF.

About 73% overall hydration,  30 hour long cold retardation at about 10 degrees Celsius, then direct bake in iron-cast skillet starting at 240 dC for 10 minutes, 220 dC for 20 minutes and continuing uncovered for 10 minutes at 220 dC.

I am very pleased with the texture of this loaf.

Happy baking, Joze

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