7 Tricks to Give Her Stronger Orgasms! She Will Worship You…

If you have planned to have sex with your partner for a long time and end up with a swift climax within minutes of the act then your planning would have gone to waste.

Here are some important tips on how to give your girl stronger and longer orgasms while saving your best for the last.

Set her up. Even before laying a seductive finger on your girl, you will need to get her into the right mood for some steamy sex. Tell her how good she looks, how sweet she smells and whisper the naughty things that you plan to do ahead in the night.

Lay out the red carpet. Along with verbal seduction, you also need to infuse romance into your relationship so as to make her feel relaxed and turned on at the same time. Candlelight dinners, long walks, scented candles, soft music and dim lights should form the props for your seductive actions.

Proceed with tenderness. Start with a light hug and a naughty kiss when you do initiate the sexual act. Proceed to cares her face and hair before moving towards the rest of her body even as you start French kissing her tenderly.

Get oral on her. Men forget the importance of foreplay in their hurry to get into the act of copulation. However, you can provide extremely strong orgasms with the right foreplay techniques such as cunnilingus. Use your tongue to open her vaginal lips and to stimulate her tender clitoris. She is sure to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm within minutes.

Introduce your fingers to her g spot. Another method that can provide some strongly strong orgasms is by g spot stimulation. Insert your fingers deep into her vagina and seek out her g spot. She will be quite aroused by now and it would be quite easy to locate the sensitive spot that will easily send her over the orgasmic edge within minutes.

Learn Kegel exercises. You should practice Kegel exercises regularly so as to last longer and control yourself from reaching an orgasm quickly. This will help you out especially during penetration since you will be able to thruster harder and faster without worrying about reaching an orgasm.

Learn erotic sexual positions. A detailed study of new and exciting sexual positions will allow both of you to act out your fantasies and also get intimate. Some positions allow for deeper threats that will also stimulate her g spot and send her into the depths of unstoppable and stronger orgasms, again and again.

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