Made some loaf bread for the fam

Stole a recipe out of “The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book”. Fresh Milk Bread. Milk, Butter, Water, Yeast, 100% whole wheat. The bread turned out beautifully and sliced easily. I was much more confident today deciding when the dough was fully proofed and everything worked out quite well. On the first loaf, my scoring was too […]

My goals and yesterday’s bake results

I joined The Fresh Loaf a week or two ago when I realized I was going to need help to achieve more open crumb. What a wealth of knowledge on this site! Current Goals Decide on a 100% whole wheat sandwhich loaf recipe for my family and become proficient in making that loaf. Decide on […]

Champlain experiment | The Fresh Loaf

During the Champlain community bake I abandoned Trevor’s premix method as it degraded my UK flours too much and I ended with soup… Thinking a bit more about temperatures I thought what would happen if I were to do the ‘premix’ method but keep the dough ‘cooler’ rather than into fridge and then get to […]

What a Bread and Food Week That Was

   Lucy was making up for lost time making two different breads.  One a 10% whole 5 grain yeast Naan and the other a 10% whole Kamut pizza dough.  The 5 grains for the Naan were red wheat, spelt, Kamut, rye and oat.  Both were made with and 10% pre-fermented whole grain flour poolish at […]

5 Grain Levain with Bulgur

I have been away from bread making for a month due to other obligations and this was the recipe that called out to my baker’s soul. 🙄 The last time I did this recipe, I used cracked rye and oat groats so I changed it to bulgur and old fashioned oats. I also changed the […]

Spotlight On…Alternate Flour: Einkorn, Buckwheat &…

The einkorn used in this bread was given by a friend. To let its flavour shine, I paired it with white whole wheat flour. 40% Einkorn Sourdough   Dough flour (all freshly milled): 180g      60%       Whole white wheat flour 120g      40%       Whole einkorn flour   For leaven: 10g       3.3%       Starter 25g       8.3%       Bran sifted out from […]

July 2018 baking, to date, aka waste not

It’s been a while since I have blogged here, but I have been baking. In the past couple weeks, I have actually baked some new stuff that I think is worth sharing. First, I am still stuck on Ken Forkish’s “Field Blend #2.” This is a mixed grain sourdough with about 40% whole grains. I […]

Sourdough Brioche Mango Lava Tart

Rainy days have long come over but the luscious, sweet and juicy mangoes that I have frozen remind me of summer. Hot and humid sunny days where you spend your time outdoors playing, kite-flying, swimming only to go home at dusk smelly and dirty. Ah! The good old days! It’s the time almost every kid […]

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