Two Loaves Using Overnight Method

Given a busy holiday season and the very cold weather in my apartment, I wanted to try letting the bulk ferment go overnight. With the encouragement of the good TFL folks, I decided to try two loaves using 5% pre-fermented flour (50g starter/500g flour/375g water/10g salt) for an 11 hour room temp bulk (approximately 65 […]

Want More Sour? | The Fresh Loaf

 Cold temperature means the LAB are producing acetic acid (tang) and warm means the LAB are producing Lactic acid; Bran acts like a buffer, besides providing all the great minerals and vitamins, in the dough. Bran allows the LAB to continue to produce acid at pH levels that would normally shut down the LAB from […]

Cranberry Pecan Sourdough

Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Submitted by Rhody_Rye on December 19, 2019 – 5:18am. Made these two to give away (one sent priority mail along with a spelt boule), so unfortunately I have no pictures of the crumb. They smelled delicious and I got great oven spring. They are both just under 25% whole wheat (a mix […]

Macau Almond Cookie SD | The Fresh Loaf

No. You didn’t read that wrong. This bake was inspired by the delicate, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits from Macau. I had no intention to put almonds or seaweed in the dough at first. Yet when the grains were being milled, the aroma of roasted nuts filled the kitchen. It totally blew my mind! Ahem, I came so […]

New Year Breads | The Fresh Loaf

I’ve really been enjoying reducing my levain to 10% and doing a longer bulk ferment this winter. I wanted to make some loaves to give away and to serve at a party, so I tried mixing dough for 6 loaves at once. Boy, that was a mistake! My scale couldn’t handle the weight so all […]

A Journey of a Thousand Muffins…

A Journey of a Thousand Muffins… Submitted by Jeff P on January 3, 2020 – 12:37pm. Or something like that… To be honest, I’m just starting out as a baker. I’ve made a few loaves of bread, some cookies, and some dinner rolls. I originally tried out baking as a way to relax on my […]

Neujahrsbrot | der brotdoc

Zunächst einmal wünsche ich allen Leserinnen und Lesern ein… In diesem neuen Jahr 2020 wird sich für mich und diesen Blog einiges Gutes tun. Am 22. Januar erscheint mein erstes eigenes Brotbackbuch im Christian-Verlag. Es ist ein wirklich schönes Werk geworden, bei dem ich zwar nicht alles umsetzen konnte, was ich wollte, aber eine Menge. […]

Christmas bake for family gathering

4 types of bread baked for Christmas lunch bottom left is a Potato and Rosemarie s/d with white flour bottom centre is a 1kg  brioche plait white flour bottom right is a multigrain using London Porter as the  liquid content top is two curved epis  with black spanish olives and fennell seeds flours used were […]

Ovens and baking | The Fresh Loaf

I like easy bread. I bake because I am too lazy to go down to a bakery and buy bread. There have been times when I could put the tea kettle on, and step out the door, and be back with an excellent baguette before the kettle boiled.  If I could still do that, I […]

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