Trying a darker crust | The Fresh Loaf

Now that I’ve been able to protect the bottom of my loaves well, I’m trying to get darker crusts without burning the bottom. I still work with weak flour, the two loaves were my usual recipe, 1000g dough, 100% white flour, 65.03% water, 2.19% salt, 18.58% levain (100% hydration). Final hydration, 68%. Temperature in my […]

Seeded SD v4 | The Fresh Loaf

  Hello friends! This weeks’ bake was fun for me, tried a few new things. Second time doing coil folds for gluten development (I like it), first time using a “young levain” (I don’t like it), first time using a stencil for my design (I like it!) Formula: 160g 100% hydration levain (73% whole wheat, […]

First Loaf Using Fresh Milled Flour

Recently acquired a Mockmill and decided that Maurizio’s 50% Fresh Milled Whole Wheat Sourdough at 84% hydration would be my first attempt at using fresh milled flour. I stayed pretty close to Maurizio’s procedure, rebalancing the formula a tad for a liquid levain. Milling organic hard red spring wheat: And the result: Very happy with […]

Frisian Gingerbread | The Fresh Loaf

Please turn your attention to Hollands’ North sea coast, Friesland, one of the Netherlands’ northern provinces. Alongside world-famous Dutch cheeses like gouda and edam, there is the signature Frisian Gingerbread. This 100% “quick” rye bread, was often times steamed in a water bath rather than cooked in a dry oven. Here is my interpretation of […]

Blackberry Pecan Protein Muffins

  These muffins are full of protein. There is approximately 5.5 grams in each muffin! Beware though, there are seeds. My husband did not like these muffins very much because of this. If you do not like seeds you can substitute a different type of fruit and I am sure they will still taste great. […]

Baking Abel’s Baguette au Levain

Like Ulysses to the Sirens.  Like rodents to the Pied Piper, like Cupid’s arrow to the heart, and like Springboks to Spring Break – or at least to the watering hole on the Savannah. Abel Sierra posted his version of Baguette au Levain a few days ago.  Lovely, and that might have been that!  Except […]

New tests weak flour | The Fresh Loaf

We had a holiday last Friday, so a longer weekend, I’ve never made so many breads! Still testing weak flours and also a new recipe with a little wholemeal flour. There were 6 breads, the picture above is only 5 because one had already given away to friends. There were 3 different methods, 2 loaves […]

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