A Healthy Chicken Recipe That My Whole Family Lov…

As life is getting busy day by day, and women also moving out for work, there is very less time left for kitchen. This leads to quick cooking recipes. Although we must not forget our health, so in case you are searching Internet for quick cooking recipes, also add healthy recipes. Let me suggest you some quick cooking recipes. Let me begin with healthy chicken recipe.

Preparing BBQ chicken is a challenge as it is tough to prevent burning the outside of chicken before cooking it inside. But applying barbecue sauce onto chicken may solve it. A different technique-electric skillet may also be used to make tender and tasty.


– 1 tsp vegetable oil,
– 4 lbs. chicken breast pieces,
– 20 oz barbecue sauce,
– 20 oz orange soda,
– pinch of kosher salt and black pepper.


Preheat electric skillet up to 275 degrees F. Put oil and season chicken. Using salt as well as pepper on both sides. Wait for oil to get before adding chicken to skillet. Wait for 2 minutes till first side turns brown and then flip. Barbecue sauce along with orange soda can now be added. Keep cooking, basting occasionally, for 35-40 minutes or until it is through cooked.

You and your guests are certainly going to love the taste of this chicken. Prepared with only five ingredients, BBQ chicken is a healthy chicken recipe and is a healthy recipe for whole family as well.

Preparation Time – 10 minutes
Cooking Time – 40 minutes

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