A History of Chinese Food and Restaurants

Chinese food is a staple of the contemporary American diet. Railroad workers first introduced the American Chinese food category in the late 19th century. Throughout the years it was altered to match the palate of American restaurant goers. As a result of this history larger US cities have a very well established “China Town”. When it comes to Tampa Chinese food however, we have something of a shortfall in this category to say the least. The Tampa Chinese food scene has been called everything from dead on arrival to non-existing by online restaurant review articles. This is most likely because the larger US cities, like New York, had more of an influx of immigrants who were developing the cuisine. So how did the Tampa Chinese Food scene develop through the years? Most likely it evolved over time in the 1950’s and 1960’s as people came to the Tampa area from other larger metropolitan areas that already had more established restaurants.

Although it’s easy to find many Chinese restaurants in Tampa, it’s difficult to find one that receives high ratings or tastes like authentic “American Chinese”. Most people in this city seem to consider this cuisine as lunchtime food and do not consider it as a special occasion meal. Most business people in the area seem to dine on Chinese during lunchtime in the downtown area and many of these restaurants close as up before the dinner rush. There are a few standout Tampa Chinese restaurants that are worth mentioning here. Yummy House is considered by many professional reviewers to be the best Chinese restaurant in Tampa out there today. They consistently receive high marks on customer review sites and bloggers alike.

Source by Shelia Phillips

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