A look at the Most Comprehensive Guide to Pizza ev…

Fans of the experimental team Modernist Cuisine will be excited to hear that there is life following their encyclopedic guide, Modernist Bread.

Nathan Myhrvold’s insatiable curiosity has already propelled them headlong into their laboratory kitchen to tackle “one of the planet’s most popular foods” – Pizza.”

Known simply as Modernist Pizza, this ode to the Italian favourite promises to be the most comprehensive guide to pizza ever published.

According to Modernist Cuisine website it will “explore the science, history, equipment, technology, and people that have made pizza so beloved” although at just a few volumes it will present comparatively modest next to bread’s massive 6 book collection. 

The publication date has yet to be determined, but we hope it won’t be long, we’re already hungry looking at these images:

All Images: Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine Gallery, LLC.

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