A Mission to Oven Bloom!

The above is typical of my sour note experiments. Nice crumb, medium tightness. Golden color. Above is a typical example of my oven spring. I want more, a lot more.

I want a bursting loaf, something that will rise so high that it scrapes the top of the oven. I have accomplished pretty much everything in a basic sour loaf except exceptional oven spring. Some things I have learned that have improved it are:

  • a tight bread forming, particularly the crust.
  • A half of cup of water underneath the parchment paper +
  • the parchment paper soaked in water even.

I have used Raffa’s Everyday Sourdough recipe consistently without much deviation. I also moved toward the NMNF starter.

I wonder if a low hydration loaf has more or less of a chance to make the sacred spring. You guys don’t understand I want an oven bloom!

I am feeding my stiff starter tonight to make Teresa Greenway’s introductory loaf tomorrow during the day. If anyone has any questions, feel free. Suggestions on Oven bloom are also welcome.

Greenway’s recipe is (roughly) 140g starter, 400g flour, 240ml water and 9 salt no autolyse.

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