An Easy Low Carb Pancakes Recipe


If you love to have a hearty breakfast before the start of a day, then low carb pancakes will suit you better than anything else. Unlike other types of pancakes, low carbs are lower in carbohydrates as well as sugar. The objective of this recipe is to do away with the flour and sugar content and have them replaced with ingredients that are healthy. This is a good way to start your day especially if you are uptight about the amount of carbohydrates that you consume while still upholding that original taste of a pancake. Nonetheless, before deciding to take up this recipe, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a physician.

Discussed herein are steps and guidelines on how to make a healthy and yet tasty low carb pancakes.

What you will need to have

• Two egg whites. Alternatively you can use one whole egg or an egg substitute.

• Instead of the usual flour that you are used to, add 2/3 cup of protein powder.

• Approximately ½ cup of water or low carbohydrate milk substitute.

• ¼ cup of cooking oil or preferably butter.

• ½ tablespoonful of baking soda.

• Sweetener which can be used in cooking instead of sugar.

• ¼ tablespoon of salt.

• ½ tablespoon of butter for the griddle.

The above recipe will prepare two large pancakes or approximately 6, 4-inch pancake.

The protein powder to be used ought not to be restricted to what is mentioned herein, but, can go to include what you love the most. These can easily be accessed from the nearest departmental store or pharmaceutical stores.


Begin by taking the exact measurements of all that you will require.

Once this has been done, add all the ingredients into one bowl and stir firmly until you have achieved an even mix. Nonetheless, you should start by stirring the dry ingredients then adding all the liquid ingredients thereafter.

Next, take a tablespoon of butter or cooking oil and add at it to the skillet. Heat the frying pan to approximately 190 C. To know if you have achieved this temperature, put a drop of water to the pan and when it skips, know that you have attained the right temperature.

Using a spoon, carefully add the mixture to the pan. Make sure that you have cooked both sides of the pan cake. Each side should take roughly about 30 seconds to make. During this process, bubbles could be forming and bursting.

What you need to know

When making low carb pancakes, instead of the usual milk products that we are accustomed to, you can opt to utilize sour cream. A majority of people love to top their pancakes with syrup. It will beat logic if you were to use sugar syrup. Therefore, if you need to use syrup, opt for sugar free syrups. To make your pancake more interesting, as one side is cooking, you can sprinkle some ingredients, i.e. cinnamons, precooked meat and nuts. If you desire to make pancakes that are less thick, be sure to add a little bit more water and milk.

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