Article Marketing For Fun and Profit

This article is primarily for folks who are reliably new to internet marketing and looking for extra income by way of marketing their own articles for fun and profit.

So, here’s the thing … you own a PC, you have internet access, … now, how to go about writing articles and make some money with this hi-tech beast?

1) Decide on what subject you want to write about

It could revolve around something you know about, such as your own favorite hobby / how-to, or grandma’s favorite recipes, The Best Fishing Hole on the Planet! Egypt, … wait for it … someone else’s information! Maybe an eBook to promote, for instance?

This then, would put you into, dare I say it … “Affiliate Article Marketing!” There! I said it. Many people have (and are) making big chunks of money in this field.

2) Do multiple Google searches

Use different keywords in your Google ‘searches’ that will relate well to your article’ s content. “Snoop around” in there for awhile to get a feeling of what people are searching for. A couple of areas I think of right off the bat are … online money making, fast cash online, article writing for money, quick online money making, etc. The list is endless. Anything you can conjure up in your mind is being searched out on the web!

3) Do your homework. (yuck)

This might seem like you’re back in school, but this for fun and profit, remember?

Make a list of different subjects you would like to write about, do your searches but use several different keywords (phrases that folks type into the Google search box) and then … write-write-write, and focus on getting that information out in front of a “bazillion” people by doing the following:

4) Get a ClickBank id

ClickBank, one of the “biggies” to look into subject matter, will give you an ID for your personal use. There is also a whole bunch of ideas here at Ezine as well.

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Post Author: MNS Master