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Western Chicken Ingredients:

Cooking oil
One-fourth cup flour
One teaspoon salt
One-fourth teaspoon pepper
One-half teaspoon paprika
Three pounds chicken, cut up
Three tablespoon butter
One tablespoon cooking oil
One cup regular long grain rice
One-half cup chopped onion
One-fourth cup chopped green pepper boiling water
One teaspoon salt
One-eight teaspoon pepper
Twelve ounce can whole kernel corn, drained


At the outside, you have to heat one-fourth inch cooking oil in a large heavy skillet. Second, you need to combine the flour, the one teaspoon salt, the one-fourth teaspoon pepper and the paprika in a clean paper or plastic bag. Following that, you must thoroughly shake the chicken pieces in the bag a few at a time to deeply coat them with the flour mixture. Afterward, you put the chicken pieces in hot oil and then fry them until they become well browned. Later, you have to turn down the heat, cover the skillet tightly, and cook this gently until the chicken becomes tender. Cook this within 30 to 40 minutes. Next to that, you must turn the chicken occasionally and remove its cover for about 10 minutes of cooking so that it becomes crispy.

Afterward, you need to prepare the rice while the chicken is being cooked. After that, you need to heat the butter and the one tablespoon cooking oil in a pan. Then you must cook it gently until the rice becomes golden brown. Keep on stirring this constantly. After that you need to add the amount of boiling water as required for on the rice package, the one teaspoon (five ml) salt and the one-eight teaspoon pepper.

And finally, you need to add up the corn and toss this together with a fork. And then, you have to cover and heat this gently until the corn is well heated through. Cook this for about five minutes. Then, you put the corn-rice mixture on a platter. Lastly, you beautifully top the corn-rice with the chicken pieces.

Chicken Spaghetti Ingredients:

Three tablespoons butter or margarine
Three pounds chicken cut up
One teaspoon salt
One-fourth teaspoon pepper
One-half cup chopped celery leaves
One small onion, chopped
One cup boiling water
Five tablespoons butter or margarine
Four cups fresh mushrooms, sliced ​​thick
Three tablespoons flour
One one-half to two cups light cream
Two-third cup grown Romano cheese
One-fourth cup dry sherry
One pound spaghetti cooked


First and foremost, you have to heat the three tablespoon butter or margarine in a heavy skillet. And then, you add the chicken pieces and cook these until they become light brown on all sides. Next to that, you need to add the salt, the pepper, the celery leaves, the onion and the water. Next, you cover it tightly and simmer this until the chicken becomes tender. Cook this for about 35 minutes. Following that you must lift out the chicken pieces and cool them until they can be handled. Next, you remove the meat from the bones and then cut them into bite-size. Afterward, you have to strain the chicken stock left in the skillet. Remember to discard the vegetables properly. Then, you heat the five tablespoon (75ml) butter or margarine in a heavy saucepan. And then you add the mushrooms and have them cooked well within three minutes; and you keep on stirring it. Later, you have to sprinkle in the flour and stir it to blend.

After that, you need to measure the chicken stock, and then add enough light cream so as to make the three cups (750ml) liquid. Following that you need to add them to the mushroom mixture all at once and stir it thoroughly to blend. Then, return this to moderate heat and cook this until it is boiling. And finally, you need to thicken and smoothen this. Keep on stirring it constantly. Last, you must add the chicken pieces and the cheese, and then you heat this well. Stir in the sherry. And then, you have to serve this over the hot spaghetti.

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