Blackened Salmon Tostadas – Slender Kitchen

Today’s post is brought to you by Gorton’s Seafood but all opinions are 100% mine.

Blackened Salmon Tostadas with Mango Corn Salsa made with flaky salmon, a homemade blackening seasoning, black beans, and the most delicious mango and corn salsa for a quick and healthy meal that’s ready in twenty minutes.

After spending some time with a group of friends this past weekend, we inevitably started talking about food, as we almost always do. Everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing – why does it feel so hard to make dinner right now? Personally I blame the craziness of back to school and the end of summer. After a couple months of calling take-out or ice cream dinner, it seems that everyone is struggling to get back into a dinner routine. Believe me, I am right there with you.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution. First is the hard part, putting on our big girl (or boy) pants and getting back in the kitchen. It feels tough the first night, but then it feels great. There is nothing better than getting back into a routine and feeling good about the food you are feeding yourself and your family.

The second part, lucky for us, is simple – arming yourself with quick, easy, and healthy meals like today’s Blackened Salmon Tostadas. They are exactly the thing to wake up your taste buds during the week and get you excited about being back in the kitchen. Plus with the help of some delicious salmon from Gorton’s, they are ready in 20 minutes. No slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Here is what we are working with for this recipe! It all starts with the fish, which is the most important part. It can be difficult, and sometimes expensive, to find fresh fish all year round. Luckily with Gorton’s Seafood, you can find excellent fish in the freezer section of your grocery store year round. Plus Gorton’s Seafood is:

  • Delicious and fresh tasting fish and seafood that’s incredibly easy to cook. While I opted to use the Grilled Salmon for this recipe, you could use almost any Gorton’s product – Grilled Tilapia, Parmesan Crusted Pollack, Grilled Cod, Shrimp Scampi, Haddock Filets, Crab Cakes, or any of their other frozen seafood.
  • Trusted with over 160 years in the seafood industry, Gorton’s is constantly innovating to cultivate and create the freshest, best tasting seafood.
  • A commitment to sustainability with Trusted Catch™, which focuses on sustainability and quality initiatives ensure their processes meet the highest standards – from sourcing to supply chain and manufacturing – and minimizes their environmental impact.
  • Low in calories and Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ including Gorton’s Classic Grilled Salmon (90 calories, 2 SmartPoints™), Grilled Tilapia (80 calories, 1 SmartPoints™), Grilled Haddock (80 calories, 1 SmartPoints™) or Garlic Butter Shrimp Scampi (120 calories, 3 SmartPoints™)
  • Available everywhere! No running to a specialty store, you can find Gorton’s in virtually every grocery store around the country. 

Now on to the recipe! To kick things up a notch, we are going to create a simple homemade blackening rub for the fish and zucchini that will add plenty of smoky, spicy flavor to the fish. This gets added directly to the fish before it goes in the oven so that when it’s done, it is ready to go. 

While the fish is cooking, you have plenty of time to get everything else going. Start by whipping up the mango corn salsa. Season it up with plenty of lime juice and throw in some jalapenos if you like things spicy. Then crack open a can of black beans and give them a good rinse. Heat them up if or if it’s a warm night, leave them room temperature. Finally, don’t forget to crisp up your tostadas by placing your corn tortillas in the oven with the salmon during the last 6-8 minutes of cooking.

When the salmon comes out, you are ready to assemble your tostadas. Break up the salmon and layer everything on the baked tortillas. Add some fresh avocado, cabbage slaw, extra lime juice, and fresh jalapenos if you like. That’s it! Dinner is ready and everyone is eating happy. Plus you are a kitchen hero for getting back in the kitchen and getting a delicious meal on the table.

Post Author: MNS Master