Broccoli Latte Recipe: All About This Trendy New Drink

The “broccoli latte” is quickly gaining popularity – and it’s no wonder!

This strange new drink takes our favorite thing (COFFEE!) and uses it to deal with that age-old problem that mom’s been badgering you about since you were three years old: eating your vegetables!

Check out this broccoli latte recipe to silence that parental scolding once and for all.

Broccoli Latte

Broccoli coffee is simply regular coffee with broccoli powder added right into the brewing process. And the nice thing about this drink is that the method is almost identical to that of a typical latte.

  1. Pull 1 or 2 espresso shots

  2. Add the powder right into the milk and steam it

  3. Gently add the steamed broccoli milk into the cup

What is Broccoli Coffee?

Broccoli coffee is simply regular coffee (or something like a latte, which is what we’ll make here!) with broccoli powder added right into the brewing process.

The dehydrated broccoli powder was developed by researchers in Australia, and is as genius as it is simple. The cool part about it, though? It’s made from broccoli deemed “not pretty enough” to sell in grocery stores.

That’s right, broccoli powder comes from the ugly ducklings of the broccoli family. Instead of disposing of the rejects, though, they are dried out and turned into a fine powder that functions as a nutritious supplement, and
helps reduce crop waste.

Of course, ingesting the powder on its own is not recommended. That’s why people have started adding it right into their coffee – it makes that nutritional boost a bit more appetizing!

How to Make a Broccoli Latte

It’s time to spice up that latte with a big side of veggies!

The nice thing about this drink is that the method is almost identical to that of a typical latte. No weird broccoli coffee grounds mixture, no stirring it in later and ruining your gorgeously poured latte.

Just pop the green stuff into the milk beforehand and watch it mix itself as you steam away!

What You’ll Need

  • An espresso maker (see extra notes for alternatives)


  1. Begin by pulling a shot or two, depending on how strong you like your lattes.
  2. While the coffee is brewing, it’s time to steam the milk. This is where the broccoli comes in: just add the powder right into the milk beforehand and steam away.
  3. Once the broccoli milk is steamed and the espresso has been pulled, gently add the steamed broccoli milk into the cup.
  4. Optional: Do some green latte art while you’re at it!

Extra Notes:

Broccoli and Coffee: Strange Bedfellows?

At Home, we’re no stranger to odd coffees, and the broccoli latte gets its rightful place among the bunch.

How to Use Broccoli Powder

While using it in a latte is quickly growing in popularity, the list of what broccoli powder is used for is much longer than just “coffee”. It can truly be used in all sorts of things, from smoothies and other drinks to dips, soups, and even baked goods.

One serving of broccoli powder – that is, two tablespoons – is equivalent to a whole serving of vegetables, and has a wide range of health benefits.

So you get to drink coffee and say you ate your veggies! We call that a win-win.

Broccoli Coffee Taste

The truth is, broccoli powder is not exactly a flavorless addition to your latte. It may be more of an acquired taste, as many people say it literally tastes like… well, broccoli.

But even if reactions are mixed, it’s quite easy to adjust the quantity used and the strength of the coffee.

As with all coffee drinks (especially espresso based ones!), don’t be afraid to experiment with other flavors as well, such as almond or coconut milk, sweeteners, or even cinnamon or vanilla, as you search for just the right balance of health and taste.

So, while the jury’s out on the flavor combo, everything else about this concoction is a home run. It’s healthy, it’s coffee, and it’s a great upgrade over a heap of veggies.

But fan or not, it looks like you’ve got a great option for your next St. Paddy’s day celebration!

If you liked this recipe (or even if you didn’t), let us know and comment below. And remember that sharing is caring!

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