Bryan Ford’s Pan Integral vs The Perfect Loaf

I continued working through Ford’s beautiful new book with a recipe better suited to my Azure “unifine process” hard red wheat flour. The result has a great sourness to it, and a relatively open crumb. My main disappointment was that I hoped it would rise more.

After we demolished this loaf, I made a 95% whole wheat sourdough from Maurizio’s site, using the Azure flour for the “high extraction” flour. This replaces his method of sifting out the bran and adding it in later. He has some good information in the recipe about the challenges of whole wheat baking. The result was much closer to my tastes, even achieving some of that custardy inside that I’ve previously only had with white flour. This time the primary flaw was that I managed to burn the loaf onto the baking tray and had to saw it off. A good excuse to give it a second try? 🙂

Photo of my (not yet) Perfect Loaf

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