Building a Chicken Coop As Cheap As Possible

Building a chicken coop can be cost and time wasting if things are not done right the first time. That’s why it’s important to have the right building schematics on hand. This article provides a generally outline on building a chicken coop as cheap as possible, and also shows you where you can instantly download the highest quality plans.

Small, Medium, or Large?

Work out how many chickens you are planning on having, and decide how big your coop needs to be. The larger the coop is, the larger your egg yields will generally be. Most healthy chickens will lay 5 or more eggs per weeks when they get enough running space and sun.

Cheap Chicken Coop Building Materials

the most expensive part of building a chicken coop is the buying of materials. To cut this major cost down to size, you should check to see if you’ve already got some of the required materials already. You might be overlooking the following things:

– Nesting boxes can be made of any solid box, including cardboard boxes and beer cartons.

– You do not needlessly need beautiful treasure pine for your framing. In fact, any sturdy chunk of wood will do.

– Corrugated iron is on of the most common items in anyone’s scrap heap. You can use this as a wall for the roving area.

Of course, there is no limit to how cheap you can go. Remember that parts of the coop can be replaced with newer materials in the future if you’re not happy.

Cheap Building Plans

You might find chicken coop books in your local bookstore. However, do not overlook the internet as a place to get instantly downloadable building schematics.

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