Burn Fat and Build Muscle With Quick and Easy Salads

Salads are great in the evening as part of a fat loss program. If you are looking to burn fat build muscle you need to eat plenty of protein in the evening but must watch your carbohydrate intake. Your evening meals are not the time to load up on complex carbohydrates but you can fill up on fibrous vegetables. The trick is to make sure you don’t use more than the allotted amount of dressing. If you have made yourself a very healthy low fat high fiber and protein salad it’s o.k. to add 50-75 calories in salad dressing, especially if it is based in olive oil. Using a light version will enable you to use a bit more dressing. Toss your salads in a bowl and add the dressing. This will give you better coverage over the whole meal rather than just dumping a couple tablespoons over the top.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to help you burn fat build muscle while not spending too much time trying to prepare meals.

The Buffalo Salad

Cut up 1 grilled or baked chicken breast and toss in a bag or bowl with buffalo sauce. Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce doesn’t have any calories but has plenty of flavors. Add your vegetables to a bowl. Use plenty of fresh lettuce and add in spinach. Cut up a tomato or add cherry tomatoes and some sliced or shredded carrot. Toss in your favorite low fat blue cheese dressing and add the chicken. This is one of my all time favorite meals for when I want to burn fat build muscle while enjoying my foods.

The Caesar Salad

This is about as simple as you can get. 1 Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese is all you need for this one. Avoid throwing croutons on your salad but if you must have croutons then put four or five on there to add a crunch to your salad. Add in tomatoes and peppers for extra vegetables if you wish. Usually Caesar salads don’t include a huge variety of veggies but it’s your salad so make it however you want.

To burn fat build muscle as a lifestyle you will want to make sure to incorporate plenty of salads into your late dinner eating. If you tend to not have your dinners until after 7pm you should start eating more salads because the fibrous carbs will digest slowly and they will not convert to fat. I have yet to meet any obese people that live on salads for dinner so fill yourself up on vegetables and live lean!

Source by Rick Porter

Post Author: MNS Master