Cake Decorating Schools Can Make You Launch Your Cake Decorating Career

Cake Decorating Schools: A Pastry Chef’s Primer

Cake decorating schools are an important kind of culinary schools with great emphasis on creativity, aesthetics and application. They teach various skills and techniques used in beautifying cakes and other desserts made at home. They are also highly beneficial to those who want to pursue a career in cookery or want to be pastry chefs. These schools are open to everyone, from beginners and enthusiast hobbyists to professional chefs. Most courses are generally about six months long.

The curriculum is monitored on a regular basis and is very adaptable. Regular reviews from the industry and marketplace make the schools highly relevant to professional chefs and those in the field of catering and culinary arts. The main focus essentially lies on blending a student’s creativity with professional decorating skills which are a lot more than just icing cakes with a spatula.

What Cake Making Schools Can Do For You

Cake decorating schools teach various decorating skills like designing flowers, making borders, creating icing and how to use icing tools like tips and bags. Beside decoration of cakes, students are also taught decoration of other dessert items like pastries, candies, cookies and cupcakes and the use of ingredients like gum paste, fondant, gingerbread and fruit. They also get to learn different methods of decorating cakes, for example, Wilton, Australian and Lambeth methods, depending on the school.

These types of schools prepare their students in a way that they can make a fulfilling career out of it. Most people who aspire to be pastry chefs, wedding cake makers and decorators or dessert chefs can utilize decorating skills to learn from these schools. They can also avail scholarships offered by various organizations like The American Culinary Federation.

Popular Cake Decorating Schools

Some of the well-known schools are run by Wilton, the French Culinary Institute, etc. These schools are easy to locate no matter where you are in the country and are usually established within community colleges or run as a course lasting a few weeks. It is a good idea to look up reviews before you choose one. Others are highly specialized and independently run, for example, the Eaton School of Cake Decorating, one of the most popular cake decorating schools.

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