Camping Equipment Tips

About a month ago I gave some tips on how to organize your camping equipment to make it easier to pack up and get on the road. I got a lot of comments on the subject and decided to write another with just a few more tips.

We all know that camping can be a joyous occasion to bring the entire family together, but there is always a downside to everything! Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to remembering all of the camping equipment needed, and keeping everyone happy. Remember you always, at all costs, have to keep the woman of the house happy. Make sure that there is plenty of clean water and Bathroom supplies handy. I know this is a subject that no one wants to talk about but everyone has to deal with but it needs to be done. The camping toilet is a piece of camping equipment that is a luxury to have especially on those 3-5 day camping trips. If you don’t have this piece of camping equipment there is an easy solution. I have an extra 3-4 person tent, I grab a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat from any local hardware store, I mount the seat on the bucket and put it in the extra tent, instant bathroom. Homemade camping equipment is usually cheaper than store bought. You then dig a hole behind the tent to dump the waste in. Trust me the wife may think it’s disgusting at first but she will love it in the end and so will you, trust me.

I do have one more tip before I close. When you store your camping equipment make sure it is clean and dry. It will last so much longer, especially your tent. I know a lot of times when your are leaving the camp site you just want to pack up the tent and go but you can do more harm than you think. Ants can destroy your tent and other camping equipment if they are packed up with it. If there is not a clean spot at the campsite to sweep of the inside and the outside of the tent, make sure when you get home to open the tent back up to clean it inside and out. Any insects left on or inside the tent can eat little holes in the fabric and cause the ten to leak from the top or the bottom. The tent is probably the most expensive piece of camping equipment you have. It must be taken care of.

Source by Jake Swingler

Post Author: MNS Master