Can the Cabbage Soup Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The Cabbage soup diet plan is an extreme weight loss diet plan which involves consuming a lot of a low-calorie cabbage soup during a period of seven days. It’s generally considered by experts as a fad diet, in that it’s designed only for short-term weight-loss so it doesn’t require long-term commitments. This plan has even inspired various copy-cats based around similar principles.

If there’s a special day coming up, or if you just want to lose weight quickly, than the Cabbage Soup Diet could be just what you need. Keep in mind that this diet plan isn’t suitable for long term weight loss. It consists on a low-fat, high-fiber foods that will help towards getting you in better shape quickly before you start working on a more moderate long term dieting plan.

They claim that this dieting plan is capable of helping you lose up to 10 pounds of weight within seven days, although doctors and nutritional experts disagree, they argue that it’s almost impossible for people to lose that much weight within a short week. With that being said, there have been many debates and discussions that point out you only lose water weight.

The cabbage soup diet includes a lot of fiber and low fatty substance, which are some of the components that help your body lose weight at a rapid pace. But you should know that the key emphasis of this dieting plan is simply plain cabbage soup. According to some dieticians, they suggest that the longer you stick with this diet plan, the more weight you will lose.

When starting the cabbage soup diet you will find that on each of the seven days, you will have the option to taste new nutritious food together with the soup of course. And unlike other diet plans, the cabbage soup diet really isn’t a long run for a weight loss solution. But you should keep in mind that, you can start to see the effectiveness of this diet within seven days.

It will offer you fast weight loss however, it lacks in essential nutrition, variety and flavour. During the seven days, you will mostly consume onion soup, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots. According to experts they say that most people gain weight due to high intake of calorie food. This plan avoids high calorie food which contributes to fast weight loss.

This dieting plan is considered to be very simple and economical since it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You will be able to enjoy having as much as soup you want during the seven days. Personally I would avoid continuing this diet plan for more than seven days or else your body may start to lose important minerals and vitamins which could have a bad effect on your overall health.

The seven day diet plan involves the following:

o 1st Day: All you can have is soup and fresh fruits but you should avoid bananas. And drink a lot of cranberry juice, water, and if you enjoy tea make sure you drink it with no sugar.

o 2nd Day: You can have all the vegetables and soup you want but avoid fruits, peas, corn and beans. You can also eat buttered grilled potato at dinner.

o 3rd Day: You can eat all the fruits, vegetables and soup you want and nothing else apart from that.

o 4th Day: Have soup, do not exceed more than 8 bananas and you can also have some skimmed milk.

o 5th Day: You should have no less than one cup of soup. You can have 10 – 20 oz. of meat such as skinless beef or chicken and no more than 6 tomatoes. And you can drink plenty of water.

o 6th Day: Make sure you eat sufficient vegetables and skinless meat. Be sure to add salad and you should avoid carbs. Don’t fry the meats or potatoes.

o 7th: On the last day, you have at least one cup of soup. Only eat brown rice, sugarless fruit, juice and also vegetables.

A lot of dieticians and medical experts are critical towards this diet. Since you only lose water weight not fat, therefore means it’s not permanent. Likewise, the recipe for the soup is often given as a very high sodium content, this is to make it pleasant, and the diet doesn’t include sufficient protein for several days at a time. That’s why people report feeling weak and light-headed during the course of the cabbage soup diet.

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