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Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner Chainmail Scrubber for Cast Iron Pan, Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned Pan, Dutch Ovens, Waffle Iron and More!


1. This cast iron cleaner is built with best stainless steel type (316L) in the food industry for superior corrosion resistance and precisely handcrafted into a smooth circular or square shape to limit cookware abrasion and maintain surface finish & seasoning.
2. Circular or square design follows hand profile for easy handling, user friendly. Centre & outer rings enable SUPERIOR GRIP. Ergonomic design, Chainmail links size enables effective cleaning whilst reducing bits caught in mesh. Store in bag, hang via outer ring or place over silverware basket.
3. Treasured by chefs as cookware accessories a cast iron cleaner & scraper for pans, cast iron skillet, griddle, dutch oven, pot,waffle maker, wok, stainless steel cookware, glassware, Pyrex, casseroles,baking pan, tea pot, cookie sheet, cauldron, tortilla press, hibachi, cornbread, pie pan,Terracotta, Clay pot and more!
4. Only hot water needed to remove even stubborn food bits, NO HARMFUL DETERGENTS required. A heavy-duty scrubber that is sustainable and can be used repeatedly without having any concern of damage or need for replacement.
5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Easy to use, clean and store for cast iron skillet. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We PROMISE you’ll love it! Much better than a cast iron brush or metal scrub other pan scrapers and other Camping Stove Accessories.


Component: 316 L Stainless Steel.
Quantity: 1 Pack Cast Iron Cleaner.
Size: 8 x 6 Cm/ 3.15″L x 2.36″W .
Weight: 140 g/0.31 lb.
Color: Metal.


If you receive a product with damage or has other problems, please feel free to contact us, we will offer best customer service to you! Order with confidence!

PREMIUM QUALITY – This cast iron skillet cleaner is machine soldered by Premium 316L Stainless steel, It is ideal for cleaning all your cast iron cookware, such as cast iron pans , pre seasoned cast iron, skillets, dutch ovens, camp chef griddles , waffle irons and so on.
EASY TO USE – This household scouring pads / iron cast cleaner / household cleaning brushes or household cleaning tool helps to effortlessly clean all your cast iron products without stripping away accumulated flavor and seasoning or scratching your pans.
PERFECT DESIGN – Each ring is machine soldered for added strength and comfort. Lightweight and convenient for cooking in home, camping or travel. Ultra-hygienic and dishwasher safe household scouring pad , kitchen cleaner , replacement of household cleaning brushes.
MULTI-COMPATIBLE -Safely use on cast iron, stainless steel, copper, pyrex and other ncoated cookware without damaging finish or seasoning. Travel-friendly, flexible and easy to fit into bag. Compatible with grills, griddle, grate, skillet, dutch oven, casserole dish, kitchen sinks, cooktop, ovens, wok, saucier, paella pan and pots & pans.
DURABLE & HYGIENIC – Stainless Steel 316L is FOOD SAFE and ultra-hygienic, unlike conventional germ-infested scrubbers. Save money with this REUSABLE cleaning tool. Repeatedly use with NO BAD SMELL, no scrubber fibres sticking to cookware.

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