Celery and Semen Volume – Increase Semen Volume With Celery

Though a large number of men seem to dismiss the significance of a larger volume of semen in their sexual pleasure, the fact is that ejaculating larger loads of seminal fluid can help enhance pleasure and make you enjoy intense orgasms.

There is no doubt that a larger quantity of ejaculate is good for your fertility and sperm count but this is not all. Larger volume of semen requires stronger contractions to release it on ejaculation and these stronger contractions help enhance and intensify pleasure on ejaculation.

Not only this, most women find a huge loads of semen a kind of a turn on. Most of them consider it to be a symbol of your male power and virility.

How to Increase Semen Volume?

The simplest way is to take care of your diet. There are some foods that can help enhance the production of your ejaculate. Celery is one such food. Though there are no studies which confirm this, those who eat celery often find that they are able to produce larger loads of semen. Not only this, it also contains an odor less hormone androsterone that is sexually inviting for women.

There are some other foods as well that can help increase your ejaculate. These include those that are rich in zinc. Some of them include shellfish like oysters, animal protein like lean meat, dairy, milk products etc., Not only this, foods such as beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are also known to boost the production of your seminal fluid.

Over and above, there are some herbal and nutritional supplements that can be highly resourceful. These supplements are comprised of age old herbs and other nutrients that not only help boost the production of semen but also ensure hard and form erections and improved sex drive. This is one of the reasons why such supplements are getting increasingly popular with more and more men opting for them.

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