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During the Champlain community bake I abandoned Trevor’s premix method as it degraded my UK flours too much and I ended with soup…

Thinking a bit more about temperatures I thought what would happen if I were to do the ‘premix’ method but keep the dough ‘cooler’ rather than into fridge and then get to room temp. I used the 304g amount of water for 70% hydration as in his formula.

After mix I put dough at  8PM in my wine cooler at 10C overnight and mixed at 7AM with leaven from the night before. Dough was really soft but much more the consistency as seen in his video but a bit softer. I then did 2 X 30 min interval coil folds and then basically left the dough in the proofer at 80F….till 3.5 hours later.

Pre-shape, 20 min bench rest and then at 10C in the wine cooler….for 2 hours…

I really tried not to look at the clock but to get a feel for what the dough looks and feels like when it should be ready…then I ran out of time and had to bake as I had to go out for the rest of the afternoon…and dough looked kind of ready…

So…here are the photos…I think it would have been a better crumb, if I would have had time to let it go for a bit longer…and needed a bit more time!

The pre-mix is something that I will try again now…it really makes the dough softer and opens up that crumb!!!!!

“We know that already!!!!!” you may tell me off…but I never could get it working  in my kitchen with my flours and this is really exciting. I just need to keep the pre-mix a tad colder in the wine cooler and it seems to work. Just need to get that 2nd proof right…That really is my kryptonite!!!!   Kat

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