Chickpea Water or Aquafaba Meringue Cookies

Try this recipe the next time you open a can of chickpeas! Deliciously crunchy, light, and airy meringue cookies can be made using aquafaba, which is the water that surrounds chickpeas in their commercially prepared can.

It’s been said -repeatedly- this past month by various cooking sites, blogs, and news outlets – canned chickpeas are having a moment. It’s the shelf-stable food of choice for many during these days of sheltering at home, because they are loaded with nutrients, protein, and they make an excellent replacement for meat in lots of dishes.

I always keep canned chickpeas in my pantry, but I’ve been draining away a useful ingredient every time I made my favorite chickpea dishes! Chickpeas leach starch and protein into the water that surrounds them in their cans, which makes the liquid whippable to voluminous proportions!
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