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Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs can be made on the grill or in the oven and are packed with flavor from a delicious homemade marinade with fresh cilantro, lime juice, garlic, cumin, and paprika.

When it comes to weekend entertaining, I absolutely love firing up the grill and preparing our meal outside. Now to be totally honest, a big part of this is because it means I don’t have to do all the cooking. There is always someone happy to take on the grilling duties and I can sit back and relax, preferably with a glass of wine. So this past weekend when we had some friends over for, I purposely prepped these kabobs ahead of time along with a simple corn salad, guacamole, and baked chips. This guaranteed that once things got started, I could sit back and enjoy instead of running around the kitchen.

Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs marinated and ready to cooked.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, kabobs really are one of the best options. Not only can they be prepped ahead of time, they feel a little fancier than simple grilled chicken and don’t take that much extra work. Just marinate your favorite, add some veggies, and you are ready for a delicious meal. Now when it comes to these kabobs, they are kind of reminiscent of chicken fajitas but packed with more lime and cilantro. To keep the flavors mild for everyone, I didn’t add any chili pepper, but you could add a jalapeno or some chili powder to the marinade as well.

Here are some ways to mix things up when making these Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs:

  • Chicken breast is a popular choice when it comes to protein but you can definitely use chicken thighs, beef, or even pork for these kabobs. I imagine tofu would work as well, just make sure to press it first to remove any extra moisture.
  • Since I knew a few of our guests aren’t the biggest vegetable eaters, I kept things simple with bell peppers and onions. However you can pack in more veggies to make it even tastier. Consider adding zucchini, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, or asparagus.
  • For a little sweetness, throw some fresh pineapple in the mix. Just thread it on the skewers along with the other ingredients and prepare to fall in love with the grilled sweet pineapple flavor.
  • To make things spicier, add some chili powder or a fresh jalapeno to the marinade. If you like a sweeter marinade, you can also add some honey or brown sugar.
  • If you have time, marinate these kabobs for 4 hours or more before cooking them. This really gives the chicken time to soak up the marinade and it will lead to a more tender cooked chicken.
Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs with a marinade of fresh lime, cilantro, and garlic.

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Here are some products and tools I used when making these Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs

  • If you don’t have a gas or charcoal grill at home, a grill pan is a great option for grilling indoors. I used one for years when I lived in an apartment that didn’t allow grills. The two that I use most often are this nonstick version and this cast iron version. The nonstick is great for easy clean-up but the cast iron will give you deeper grill marks and more smoky flavor.
  • When it comes to food processors, I absolutely love mine and have had it for years without a single problem. The blades stay nice and sharp and it works for everything including being an awesome slicer. I wasn’t sure about investing in a more expensive model but it has been worth every penny.

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