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As a lot of you may know, I have been eating really clean & working on a better, healthier me. I have done a “what I eat in a day” in the past, & I really wanted to do an updated version, but in this video I’ll be showing you what I picked up at the grocery store, & my first time meal prepping! For my meal prep, I’m only prepping breakfast, lunch & my snacks. I come home a little after 5 so I don’t mind having to make dinner every night, but I do eat breakfast at work as well as my snacks and lunch. I tried to make this plan simple & easy, not only for the sake of this video but for myself as well. Meal prepping can be very time consuming & a lot of work, especially someone like me with a tiny kitchen, but we make it work! What I show in this video Isn’t the only thing I eat, I just wanted to keep it simple for the next few days. I started prepping in the middle of the week, which is why there are only 4 days of containers.

PLEASE NOTE!! I am not a nutritionist & I am not telling you how or what you should eat. This is just what I do to eat clean, & get into shape, & these are foods that I enjoy.

If you did see my “What I Eat In A Day Video” at the time I was a vegetarian, & I was for about 5-6 months, but I did decide to go back to eating meat. It just fits my lifestyle better, there are a lot of foods that vegetarians need to eat for protein that I don’t like very much, & being in the gym a lot I just feel like I’m slightly lacking the protein I need. So it just makes it easier for me, just wanted to clear that up for anyone wondering.

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Sorry the mic quality Isn’t the best, I had to use my computer mic cause I didn’t have access to the mic we usually use.

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