Coffee – The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, but is it really a good thing for you to drink? There are many reasons why people choose to drink coffee every single day. Coffee shops seem to be on each and every corner and they are always busy. This is a popular beverage not only in the morning, but also during the day and even at night for many.

Many people drink coffee to stay awake, to wake up, and for many other reasons. There are also a variety of beverages that are coffee related or contain coffee in different forms. Sometimes the reason we drink coffee is for the social interaction and other times it can literally be called an addiction. Here are some of the pros and some of the cons of drinking coffee.

The Pros of Drinking Coffee

1. Awareness

Now do not get the fact that coffee does make us more aware with some of the other things that can make us very aware. If you have been drinking alcoholic beverages and you switch to coffee it does not make you more aware because the alcohol has already impaired you. However, having a cup of coffee in the morning can help to get you going and make you aware on your way to work.

2. Stimulation

Coffee is also able to stimulate your body and get your blood pressure up a bit. This can help you when you are getting ready to perform a workout and many will recommend a cup of coffee before you exercise. It will dilate your blood vessels, which allows more oxygen to get to your brain and give you more energy for a short amount of time.

3. Prevents Sleep

Since coffee contains caffeine it will help to block the sleep receptors once it reaches the brain. This means that if you are trying to stay up coffee can help you stay up for a short amount of time. It is not going to keep you up forever, but it can help you to stay up and concentrate for a little bit longer when you need an extra hour or two.

4. It is a Laxative

If you are constipated or struggled to be regular every day coffee can help you. This is one of the health benefits of having a cup of coffee every day. It can help you to stay regular and it can help to keep your colon cleaner as well. However, if you drink too much coffee it can hurt your digestive system, so keep it in moderation.

5. Flavor

Coffee comes in a variety of flavors and types. You can get many different beverages made from espresso and from other forms of coffee. There are light roasts, medium roasts, and dark roast to choose from. It is a lot of fun to taste different types of coffee and find the drink or flavor that you like the most.

The Cons of Drinking Coffee

1. Increases Cholesterol

There have been many reports that say if you drink decaffeinated coffee it can actually increase your cholesterol level. This can be a bit scary, but the good news is that it has never been fully proved that this is true. It has also been said that coffee can be linked to heart disease, but many have proven this to be false as well.

2. Weight Gain

Coffee has been proven to the weight gain that some have gone through. This is a true report because coffee contains many empty calories much like unnatural beers and sodas do. These calories can turn into fat if you drink too much coffee. It is not much of an issue if you just drink black coffee, but if you put sugar, creamer, or sweet syrups in it you will probably gain a bit of weight from it.

3. Not good for Some

If you suffer from cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension, then coffee can be very bad for you. Also, if you are suffering from emotional problems, neurosis, or mental illness, then drinking coffee can cause you even more problems than you already have. It can also cause sleep disorders if you drink too much coffee.

4. Horrible after Alcohol

As we discuss a little bit earlier coffee is not all that good when you have been drinking alcohol. Many people believe coffee sobers them up, but this is as false as it comes. All you get when you drink alcohol and coffee is a very alert drunk and that can be incredibly dangerous. If you have been drinking alcohol spend your money calling a cab instead of having a cup of coffee.

5. Can be Addictive

Caffeine is actually the most dangerous and most popular drug in the world. Sure it does not cause as much death as some of the other drugs in the world, but it is highly addictive. Many coffee drinkers will start with one cup a day and before they know it they are up to a pot a day or even more. This is when coffee can get dangerous and you really need to be careful with how much you drink every single day.

So the question still remains, is it okay to drink coffee? Many of the experts believe that coffee is not that harmful to our bodies if we do not overdo it. One or two cups of coffee a day is not going to cause you many issues, but when you start to reach the three or more cups a day level you could be causing some harm to your body.

There is nothing wrong with drinking a cup or two of coffee every single day. Even though you may find many reports telling you that coffee is bad for you nobody has proven that it is that bad for you. If you are really concerned about whether or not you should drink coffee consult with your doctor before you decide to consume the beverage.

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