Colon Cleanse Recipe For Success

There is more than one colon cleanse recipe out there. Some seem quite radical and others more palatable. Some require fast and others allow you to have certain foods. It is not an easy thing giving up our favorite foods. We are used to being able to eat whatever we want and when we want.

When you are home you should count how many times you go to your refrigerator for something to eat or drink. You probably do not think about whether you should or not. Not to mention giving up wine or beer or soft drinks. Giving up addictions to these things takes a lot of discipline.

A popular colon cleanse recipe includes green papaya. Papayas are known for their high enzyme content. This particular recipe does allow eating high alkaline foods. A senna laxative is also recommended with this particular colon cleanse recipe. This one does seem pretty simple as papayas are tasty and you can still consume many foods.

The most radical form of colon cleansing is a complete water fast. This is not a recipe per se but here is the best way to follow this:

1. get plenty of rest
2. drink lots of water
3. abstain from all food and drinks
4. meditate
5. Conserve energy

This does not sound like a lot of fun especially when we are used to eating, drinking and doing what we please. It is a tremendous discipline, and probably carrying this out in your home would not work for most of us.

However, each colon cleanse recipe has its benefits and challenges. The decision comes from your commitment and your desire to create a healthy colon environment.

Source by Laura Ingram

Post Author: MNS Master