Cook Something Different, Cook A Black Fish

Black fish is not one of the most popular fish available for the dinner table. And that is undeserved, Black Fish is delicious and the cooking of the fish is simple, black fish in recent years has been credited as one of the most nutritious fish. It is easy to cook black fish, no matter how you wish to prepare it. Well maybe there are less recipes for black fish you can find, but you can use this fish in main dishes, salads, soups, stir-fries the list is endless!

How To Choose A Black Fish

If you did not catch one yourself and are depending on your local grocery stores or (fish) markets, you need to take some key tips in consideration when selecting black fish you will use in your cooking. Make sure the flesh of the fish is moist and firm. The black fish should smell clean, not fishy. The skin should be shiny, with no dry patches. If you choose to buy a whole black fish, check the eyes to make sure they are not cloudy. For most recipes try to buy skinless fillets or steaks, as removing the inedible skin yourself can be difficult. Finally, make sure that the fish you purchase has been properly stored in a clean and cool setting.

Nutritional benefits of cooking black fish

Black fish has many nutritional benefits. The Omega-3 fatty acids have been a recent source of excitement for nutritionists everywhere. Omega-3 fatty acids can not be manufactured by the human body, and yet our bodies need these fatty acids for their amazing health properties. These health benefits include protection from cancers, reduced symptoms of arthritis, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and relief from stress and depression.

Cooking Methods For Black Fish

Cooking black fish for dinner, you have many different options when it comes to actually cooking the black fish. Cooking black fish can be done by smoking it, poaching it, baking it or grilling it.

-Smoked black fish is popular and can result in chunks of smoky finish, or a firm texture and delicious flavor. This depends on how you smoke it, you can hot smoke the black fish, which would result in the former, or cold smoke the black fish, which gives you a firm texture. Either way, this is a tasty way to prepare your black fish fillets.

-Poaching is a classic method of cooking black fish fillets. It is very simple, and allows you to add your own touch with special oils, herbs, and spices.

-Grilled and baked black fish is also very popular because it enhances the fish's natural flavors. Black fish grills and bakes well and is excellent in soups, stews, and chowders, as the meat does not flake or fall apart easily. Always remove the tough skin, which is not edible.

In the end it does not matter what method you choose for cooking black fish, it will be delicious just try some recipes, and I'm sure that after the first time you have been cooking black fish, you will prepare it again and again.

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