How to Make Falooda Drink and Dessert Recipe

Falooda is an adaption of Persian dessert Faloodeh and was brought to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal period. Sugar, tutti frutti, basil seeds and ice-cream may be added. The rose syrup may be substitute with another flavored base to produce kesar, chocolate, mango and Fig Falooda. We know that everyone loves to eat dessert. […]

Mexican Cookware – Equipment Used in Mexican Cooking

Mexican cooking at home does not have to an impossible task to accomplish. Try using the following kitchen equipment for the next in-home Mexican meal. Comal: Basically, a comal is a cast iron griddle and is used without oil. It’s flat with a handle and is used for making tortillas and roasting foods that require […]

Caster Sugar – A Baker’s Ingredient

A well-known baker has been asked to bake a three-tier meringue cake for a wedding party. While skimming the recipe they notice a new ingredient for this cake, caster sugar. The baker does a quick research and finds out that caster sugar is a British term for superfine sugar. A baker is having a sample […]

What Foods Give You Energy Post Pregnancy

OK, all you new mommies … time to wake up! Are you tired of having no energy since you’ve had your bundle of joy? Newborns definitely keep you busy, busy, busy, not to mention waking you up in the night fairly often, especially in the beginning. I remember feeling almost zombie-like some days when my […]

The Secrets of the Acai Berry

Acai Berry is a type of small berry which looks similar to purple grapes. These berries are actually “Acai Berry Palms” which are native plants of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. They are found in abundance in this region. Brazilians have been consuming berries for stronger immunity, youthful appearance, and weight loss and as energy supplement for […]

Lipton Green Tea Reviews – Pure and Flavored, for Taste and Health Benefits

Lipton is best-known for its flagship product, their basic black tea, available in teabags in almost every main supermarket in the US However, Lipton also sells green tea, including both pure green and flavored teas, blended with other ingredients including lemon, orange , and other fruit flavorings. On this page I will review Lipton’s green […]

Re-Canning Cheddar Cheese Sauce

My wife and I frequently pick up the gallon size cans of cheddar cheese sauce from SAMs club for use on Nacho Chips or in Macaroni and cheese meals for my grandson. We see the idea of purchasing the sauce this way is both economical and cost-effective however it is usually more than what we […]

Eczema Rash – Anyones Worst Nightmare

Having an eczema rash is probably one of the worse conditions that could ever happen to your skin. It is characterized by an extreme uneasy irritating sensation on the surface of your skin with visible swinging and redness which is obviously not a pretty sight to look at. On top of all these ugly manifestations […]

How to Grill Steak on a Panini Press

You may not have thought of grilling beef on a panini maker, but it can be done. With proper technique you can make delicious and juicy steak. The best part is that panini grills drains of excess fat. It takes 4 to 10 minutes to cook depending on the thickness of the stake. So grilling […]

Filipino Recipes – Champorado (Dessert) Recipe – Pinoy Food

Champorado or chocolate-flavored rice porridge is a favorite breakfast among Filipinos, especially for families with kids. I haven’t met a child who don’t like chocolates and that explains why champorado is very famous in almost all households in the country. I remember passing a can of evaporated milk around the table way back when I […]

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