Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 4

With Day 4 on the cage soup diet I’ve found a bit of a dip in energy again. One explanation of the cage soup diet says that at this point the body needs a burst of carbohydrates and other things to lessen the craving for sweets, which seems about right for how I’ve felt. Fortunately […]

Diet to Lose Tummy Fat – Burn Off Tummy Fat in 12 Weeks

In addition to the exercises you perform, you also need a reliable diet to lose tummy fat. Without diet control, all your efforts to burn off tummy fat will fail. You spend hours at the gym, tiring endlessly, without any results to show off. The one thing you lack will be diet control. The effortless […]

Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 1

Today, as promised, is my first day on the legendary cage soup diet. I’ve been meaning to try it for many years, but somehow the time was never right (translation: I was able to find excuses). It’s a short-term crash diet, based on eating unlimited quantities of a cabin-based soup which costs more calories to […]

The Best Way To Lose Weight – Diet Or Exercise

There have been a lot of raging debates going on among the weight loss experts on which is the best way to lose weight fast- diet or exercise? What about you? What do you think? Many of you would probably say ‘diet’ because “we are what we eat” but then many might argue it’s ‘exercise’ […]

Dieting to Lose Weight – What You Should Do to Your Plan Your Own Diet Menu

What is the first time that come to your mind when you want to lose weight? Changing your diet or is it something else? Of course, we will take the option that is easiest to integrate into our life. No one like to choose for the harder option when we got a choice. So how […]

Simple and Affordable Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

I do a fair bit of cooking demos and I’m glad to say I do not bring a lot of fancy health-cooking gizmos along. Just some simple, affordable basics. It’s best to stick with natural materials- wood, bamboo, glass and ceramic / stone. Not only are they more natural and risk less pollution to your […]

Slimquick – Effective Diet Supplement to Your Weight Loss Plan

Slimquick has designed a special diet pill that’s just for women. It is created with natural ingredients that help balance female hormone levels. The diet pills can help increase a woman’s metabolism and provide a required energy boost. Some of the natural ingredients include green tea, pomegranate, and acai. Slimquick extraordinary contains high level of […]

Why there is No Such Thing as a Perfect Diet

Diets are tempting to go on, and there are many that come out each year and many people get it. However I know in the back of their mind that they know that the diet will not work because they have been on so many before. Since the 1950s, the United States government has been […]

Exercise Vs Diet For Weight Loss

When it comes to fat burning, the first thing that we think of is which route to take, do we exercise, or do we go on a diet, or do we do a combination of them both. The traditional advice to burning fat is to eat less and to move more. There is a ton […]

What You Can Eat To Make Your Voice Husky – Is There A Diet That Can Gives …

There are quite a few people how usually ask this question: what to eat to make my voice husky? Well if you have a high-pitched squeaky voice that you think is affecting the way you live your life, then you might want to change it. And while your diet may not have much to do, […]

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