Gluten free for 4 months (My Autoimmune Disease Ex...

Gluten free for 4 months (My Autoimmune Disease Ex…

Food sensitivities, Psoriasis, Phosphene Hallucinations, Chronic anxiety… These are some of the many symptoms I’ve had to deal with over the course of my entire life.

My Favorite Gluten-Free Foods

My Favorite Gluten-Free Foods

Let me know what favorites you’d be interested in seeing next. All the food I showed you (in order of appearance): Gluten Freeda Amazon: Against The Grain Amazon: Annie’s Amazon: Mission Feel Good Foods Amazon: dumplings: / eggrolls: Snyder Amazon: San-j Amazon: […]

The Ketogenic Diet for Alzheimer’s Disease

Follow us 144.6k In part 1 of this look at Alzheimer’s disease (AD), I introduced the concept of Alzheimer’s as a metabolic condition. The primary driver of the disease pathology, and what’s mainly responsible for the memory loss, cognitive impairment, personality changes and other signs and symptoms, is that neurons in affected regions of the […]

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