Eat Healthy To Lose Weight – How To Conquer Your Own Excuses

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight A whole lot of people never give eating healthy to lose weight a try for a number of reasons. They claim they don’t have the time or the willpower, or they just don’t like healthy food, or being fat is their natural body makeup, or they’re too tired. Some even […]

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight? Simple and Easy

As a personal trainer one of the most asked questions is how many calories should I eat to lose weight? Now the problem here is that people are not told the whole truth about this question and that is why people are beginning to get fatter each and every single day so it is time […]

How to Use Reiki to Lose Weight in a Week

Practicing Reiki is very easy. Reiki meditation does not affect your health and even makes your body healthier. Reiki is also an exercise that enhances your blood circulation while it is easily done anywhere regardless of time and place. Anyone can use Reiki to heal themselves. Below are some suggested steps. Before you want to […]

How Important Is Meal Frequency And The Timing Of Your Meals When You Are Trying To Lose A Stone

Nutritionists preach it, your doctor probably preaches – I preached it myself at one stage. It’s one of the most commonly spouted bunch of blarney in the health and fitness industry today. What is it? Eat 5-6 small meals a day to a healthier lifestyle. It’s not the end all and be all of healthy […]

Boost Your Calorie Shifting Diet With 5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Calorie shifting is different than most other popular diets, that just give you fast weight loss by losing water weight. It is usually an 9-11 day diet plan with 3 days off to recover. Calorie cycling is about confusing your metabolism by varying your calories. It has been around for decades and been used by […]

Fast Cash For Homes Now!

It’s no secret that the real estate market is suffering due to the economic changes that today’s citizens are facing. Unemployment is on the rise and more people are realizing that the home they purchased years ago; is not affordable for them now or underwater. Others that are finally financially able to purchase a home […]

Five Steps to Lose 10 Pounds 2 Weeks From Now

Most women are happy to hear that to lose 10 pounds 2 weeks from now is doable. Often they want to do so in order to look fabulous at an upcoming event. However, they must also be informed that it is not healthy or advisable to lose 10 pounds so quickly. It is more realistic, […]

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