The Secrets of the Acai Berry

Acai Berry is a type of small berry which looks similar to purple grapes. These berries are actually “Acai Berry Palms” which are native plants of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. They are found in abundance in this region. Brazilians have been consuming berries for stronger immunity, youthful appearance, and weight loss and as energy supplement for […]

Secrets to Finding the Best Diabetic Recipes

Restrictions on a diabetic diet can make for dull and boring meal options, but that does not have to be the case. There are great recipes that offer delicious, healthy meal options for diabetics that the whole family will enjoy! What to look for in Great Diabetic Recipes Variety Great diabetic recipes or diabetic recipes […]

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Secrets You Must Know If You Want To Lose Weight

The Attack phase of the Dukan Diet throws new dieters in at the deep end. There is a reason why Dr. Dukan called this phase the Attack. For the first few days of the weight loss regime you will be in the most restrictive phase of the diet. Those of you used to calorie counting […]

Diet Secrets Exposed – Get Rid of Back Fat!

One thing that you bought to know about your back fat is that it is very different from your stomach fat. There are two reasons how come you have a fatty back. Firstly, it’s caused by something to do with old age. When folks get older, they commonly develop a fatty back. Tho ‘this might […]

What Can You Eat On A Ketogenic Diet? Learn The Secrets To B…

What Can You Eat On A Ketogenic Diet? A ketogenic diet is basically a diet which converts your body from burning sugar to burning fat. Around 99% of the wold’s population have a diet which cause their body to burn sugar. As a result, carbohydrates are their primary fuel source used after digesting carbs. This […]

Secrets of Low Carb Dieting Part 1 – Get All the Benefits of Low Carb Dieting With No Problems

If you examine the list of possible side effects and disadvantages of low carb dieting then this may be enough from stopping you ever reducing your carbohydrates intake. However most of the issues arise when using a conventional low carbohydrate diet where you strip out all of the carbohydrates completely from your diet. (A good […]

The Secrets of Celebrity Diet

Every star looks perfect. They have perfect body shape and cool hairstyles. In fact, they may have tried a lot of different methods in order to keep themselves fit. Dieting will be very important in their lives. As a matter of fact they may not be able to get the contracts if they do not […]

Slimming Secrets From The Kitchen

To get the svelte figure, start in the kitchen. Slimming down is about taking in less calories, while you burn more calories through exercise. For a food lover, the dieting part is tough. Exercise is easy, using the stairs instead of the elevator, getting off a stop or two before your actual destination and walking […]

Secrets to Making Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawb…

Everything you need to know including secrets to making perfect chocolate covered strawberries.  Tips and tricks from a pro’s kitchen.   Lizzy’s Secrets to Making Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Home Chocolate covered strawberries are always a perfect dessert option!  They’re great for little league parties, bridal showers, Super Bowl Sundays, weddings, a treat for […]

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