Yeast Free Alcohol – What Types of Alcoholic Beverages Are Yeast Free?

Yeast, for the majority of people, is a safe bacterium that is the major ingredient in an enormous amount of foods consumed everyday in America. Yeast leavens bread, curdles cottage cheese, and ferments wines, beers, and every other alcoholic drink. But for some people, medically prescribed diets limit all yeast consumption. This can be devastating […]

Does Vinegar Cause Yeast Infections Or Cure Them?

As medical researcher and former yeast infection sufferer I am often asked about the connection between vinegar and yeast infections. Most experts agree that eating certain foods encourage the growth of yeast and increase the chance of an infection. But what about vinegar? Vinegar has been proven to improve the health of many people. So, […]

Can Beer Make a Vaginal Yeast Infection Worse? What You Must Know About Alcohol and Yeast Infections

Can beer make a vaginal yeast infection worse? The answer is yes, it can, and there are a few things you should know and understand about a yeast infection. Can beer make a vaginal yeast infection worse and why? Yeast infections are caused by the candida fungus. The candida fungus is natural in all of […]

How To Make Rice Wine Without Yeast

Ingredients you will need: The minimal amount of ingredients you will be needing are simple and readily available 1. Sticky or muggy rice (2 cups) 2. One wine ball (mold) Directions for the process: Step 1 The first thing you need to do is to wash and clean the rice. For this purpose, fill the […]

The Best Yeast Free Diet For You – The Best Foods to Include in Your Diet …

A yeast infection is a very common infection, especially among women. The symptoms such as redness, swelling and burning in the vaginal area, a thick and white discharge, and pain during sex or urination can be frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with. When it comes to treatment there are a wide variety of options to […]

What Causes Yeast Infection of the Butt Crack?

Yeast infections can appear almost anywhere on the skin where it is warm and moist. In men the warm dark and moist area around the groin is what causes yeast infection on the penis. With women, the warmth and moister in the vagina is what causes the infection. Infection of the butt crack can be […]

Stunning yeast water success | The Fresh Loaf

Best yet with the method and formula that joze had posted…. I took to heart the discussion on over-proofing during both bulk ferment and retard. I also retarded my YW levain. What I consider my somewhat less optimal postings to his thread have tasted fantastic !  As has been noted YW bakes  while fermenting and […]

Nutritional Yeast – What is it and How to Use It

So, you’ve made the jump from vegetarian to vegan. You have decided to live without dairy, but you have this huge craving for cheese!! You can either ignore it or find a way to satisfy that craving. My suggestion is to satisfy it!! Now, the question is how. Maybe you have heard of a product […]

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