Cooking For Weight Loss

There are numerous ways of cooking the food we buy that will help us if we are following a weight loss program.

Some cooking techniques are more beneficial towards weight loss than others, and some are an absolute disaster as far as losing weight is concerned. For example, deep fat frying is probably the worst method of cooking if you are dieting, and it is best to avoid any foods cooked by this method.

So, what are the best methods of cooking for your weight loss ..


Baking is easily the best method you can use if you are cooking for weight loss. Cooking the food as it is or with a simple marinade and you will have both a satisfying and healthy meal. Anything from poultry, fish and vegetables can be baked, and is the perfect method if you are watching your weight. Just remember to keep your dish covered, or wrap the food in tin foil to keep in the moisture and nutrients.


Boiling is the best way to cook your vegetables, though there is some nutritional loss when they are boiled directly in water. Vegetables such as potatoes, that can be boiled in there skins will help retain their nutrients better.


Broiling is a great way of cooking meat and fish, and is nearly as good as baking for helping with your diet, providing you do not add any wine, oil or butter when you are cooking. If you are making a simple sauce, just add a fruit juice and water.


Using your microwave to prepare your food is ideal method of cooking. You can boil your veg in water, or now you can buy a microwave steamer that will sit your veg above a container of water. This method is more favorable as not so many nutrients are lost through steaming.

As you can see there various ways you can approach your cooking that will give you tasty healthy meals and optimize your weight loss.

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