Cyber Week: The Best Deals on Kitchen Equipment


Cyber Monday is over, but there are still lots of deals hanging about the interwebs. And, when it’s the holiday season and we’re trying to fill stockings and get gifts for coworkers and families and our dogs, we’re always happy to find quality cookware, tools, and gadgets on sale. Here’s what we’ve found today.

PS: These deals are subject to availability. We’ll continue to update this post if anything changes.

31% Off the Blendtec Designer Series Blender

When we tested the best high-end blenders, we loved the Blendtec Designer Series for its sleek touchscreen and extra-wide jar. Three other important factors: It was the easiest to clean, it’s small enough to not overwhelm an apartment kitchen, and it absolutely blasted through ice. Less important, but appreciated: It was also the best-looking model we tested.

43% Off a Kenji-Approved Sauté Spoon

Kenji once wrote something of a a love letter to this Le Creuset spoon, saying, “The bi-material scraper spoon has an exceptionally well-designed shape from top to bottom, with an elliptical ergonomic handle design and a business end that has a wide, deep bowl for scooping and a flattened end for scraping up fond. The glass-reinforced nylon that it’s made out of is about as heavy-duty as nylon utensils get, with a nice heft and a very stiff feel. But the real kicker is that the very tip is made of stiff silicone. It’s essentially two tools in one, performing both the function of a good cooking spoon and of a silicone scraper-style spatula.” Today, it’s 43% off.

24% Off the Joyce Chen Wok

The Joyce Chen wok is still on sale, so if you missed it yesterday, now’s the time to buy. While having a wok at home may not seem essential, it’s one of the most used pans in Kenji’s kitchen for stir-frying, steaming, and even smoking.

Save $64.50 on the Blackstone Pizza Oven

Kenji’s review of the best outdoor pizza ovens listed the Blackstone, today discounted at 19% off, as one of his favorites. It heats to over 900°F and can crank out 16-inch pizzas way faster than delivery.

Save Up to $70 on the Anova Precision Cooker

Precision cookers are no longer limited to fancy restaurant kitchens, but they can still be pretty expensive. This week, Anova is offering up to $70 off its signature sous vide machine, plus free shipping—that’s $99 for the Bluetooth model and $129 for one with Bluetooth and WiFi. Get yours right here, then explore our extensive collection of sous vide recipes. Signing up for our sous vide newsletter, The Circulator, would also be a good idea.

37% Off the FoodSaver Vacuum-Sealing System

Speaking of sous vide: To keep your bags airtight underwater, we highly recommend using a vacuum sealer, so your food will stay extra cozy with all the seasonings you’ve added, but safely protected from the water bath. Today, the FoodSaver vacuum-sealing system with a starter kit is 37% off.

25% Off the SodaStream Source

Instead of buying multiple 12-packs of LaCroix every week, we suggest you transition to the SodaStream. In the long run, it’ll save money—and you won’t need to lug all those cans home from the supermarket anymore. With this model, you can even choose your level of carbonation.

29% Off Our Favorite Salad Spinner

Having a good salad spinner ensures that all your produce will get clean (and not make you sick). Plus, if your greens are wet when you dress them, all the good, flavorful vinaigrette will just pool at the bottom of your salad bowl. This one performed better than all the other spinners we tested, and it’s 29% off today.

20% Off OXO Storage Containers

We recently wrote about some of our favorite storage and organization essentials, and OXO Pop Containers were at the top of our list. While the 10-pack can be pricey, this five-pack is on sale today. Each container is lightweight and airtight, perfect for storing flour, dried fruit, nuts, and much more.

33% Off Our Favorite Electric Kettle for Coffee Lovers

We love the elegant gooseneck spout on this electric kettle. Not only does it look nice, it makes it simple to pour a thin, controlled stream, which is ideal if you’re into the Chemex and other pourover coffee methods. Plus, the base has controls that allow you to set a specific temperature and then hold it there.

20% Off the GIR Silicone Mini Flipper

We love this mini flipper. It’s a sturdy silicone spatula with a thin edge that slides right under your food. Since it’s made of one solid piece of silicone (with a fiberglass core), you don’t need to worry about bits of food getting stuck in any crevices. And it won’t scrape up your nonstick pan the next time you make eggs.

18% Off the OXO Food Mill

Whether you’re looking to get the fluffiest mashed potatoes or the brightest pasta sauce, a good food mill is an indispensable tool. This one comes with three different blades to grind ingredients to your liking, plus the silicone legs keep it from slipping on the counter.

22% Off the Best Citrus Juicer

Sure, it might seem like a citrus juicer isn’t the best use of your space or money, but once you use one, you’ll become a convert. Whether you’re making a cocktail or bright, lemony risotto, this juicer will squeeze every ounce of juice out of your citrus, and it’ll keep the pesky seeds from falling into your food.

47% Off a Great Garlic Press

If you’re cooking with a lot of garlic, this press will save you a lot of time. No more chopping and chopping…and chopping and chopping. Simply slide the garlic into the press and, well, press. You’ll have minced garlic in mere seconds.

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