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I was tempted for a long time to make a bred with dark red wine which we produce in Slovenia. This bread is my second attempt to make this kind of bread.

Here are the instructions for those who would like to make bread with red wine:

1.) Take a recipe for the bread you think you would like to “convert” to wine bread. No changes in the procedure.

2.) Instead of adding water add wine reduction – simmer the wine for few minutes that you get rid of alcohol. This will likely change the color of the wine. Then cool the wine and use it instead of water. If you want you can replace just a part of water with wine but this will definitely result in less intensive color of the crumb..

3.) Be careful with hydration as the wine will have influence on the gluten development so I recommend that you start initially with lower hydration (65-68%).

The rest of the procedure is the same. This bread was leavened with yest water made from tomato and basil which is really very strong. My starter (mixture of 50g of yeast water and 50g of white flour) doubled in two hours.

Happy baking and enjoy experimenting.


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