Diet Plan For Post Operative Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery can give you a whole new lease on life. Part of recovering from the surgery is the diet plan for post operative gastric bypass. The diet plan for post operative gastric bypass is quite restrictive in the early weeks, but you must remember you care recovering from surgery to your digestive area.

The gastric bypass diet is something that is temporary, but it is important that you follow the diet as instructed for the first two months. You may still have problems with meat after that time and you will probably always be bothered by sugar.

While you are in the hospital you will have mostly clear liquids. Within the next 2 days you will begin liquid protein. You can also have baby food or pureed foods that are high in protein. To me the liquid protein shakes were the easiest and the most convenient. They can get boring when it is all that you can have, but keep in mind that it is just for 2 weeks. Personally, I think it is a good idea to keep these shakes as part of your diet.

It is important to drink lots of water, slowly. At first you will only be able to sip small amounts. Protein is the most important part of this diet. You should try to consumer 60 grams daily. This may sound like a lot, but many protein shakes have 20 grams or more in an 8 ounce shake. Another essential part of the bariatric diet is vitamins. At first, these vitamins will be chewable and later your doctor will switch you to prenatal vitamins.

This diet will be a big shock a first. If you were like me, you were used to getting your money’s worth when you were at the buffet. Now, you are going to be full after 5 or 6 bites for the first several months. This is one of the reasons that you will be eating 5-6 mini meals. Eating 5-6 small meals will become a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Gastric bypass surgery can give you a new, healthy life, but you will have to make permanent lifestyle changes to maintain your weight loss. A diet plan for post operative gastric bypass is the first step towards living a healthy life.

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