Easter Egg Hunt For Any Budget

Times are because sometimes but we should not let that spoil our holidays. With Easter just around the corner, we should make sure we have everything we need without compromising our budget or feeling restricted. Although as adults we may be able to take a few cuts, kids can not grasp the concept of “though times” and should be protected against struggles.

This is why we put together this great Easter Egg Hunt that is not only full of fun, but also practical. It will keep the kids cheerful and it will keep you, and your wallets, happy. We will show how easy it is to create and how fun it is to play. This might be the only time when putting all your eggs in one basket could be a good idea!

Easter Basket Carrot-Egg Hunt

The main idea behind this hunt is that the kids will collect plastic eggs and paper carrots that contain clues. Then, they will come together with all the clues that they found and try to figure out where the treasure basket is. You can either set a time limit, and see how many clues they can find, or let the kids know the exact number of “clues” there are hidden. Before we start the hunt, we need to create the Easter basket. This is the treasure the kids are seeking, and your wallet’s little secret.

Creating the Basket

Rather than spending so much one all those items that kids collect in their own basket, be more practical this year! Create one basket by filling it up with lots of Easter paraphernalia. You can add anything from chocolate eggs to stuffed bunnies, plush chicks or other stuffed animals. If you want to ensure kids will not get too hyped on all the sugar that day include more Easter figurines and stuffed animals. This might be even more beneficial in the long run, as the toys last long after the candy is gone. So, decorate your basket by creatively placing some plush chicks surrounded by some fun Easter eggs all around, and maybe add a cute Easter Bunny in the middle, it is the tradition neverheless! You can embellish it by adding some Easter candy or by adding extra toys and little stuffed animals, depending of your preference.

The decoration for the basket also depends on this next step: do you want to raffle off the Easter basket contents, or do you want equal amounts of everything for each child. If you raffle them, then you can play with the toys and stuffed animals, since a toy for each child and some candy would not kill your budget. However three or four stuffed animals per child might be a lot. So, if you do want that each child to have an equal share of the basket, you might want to stuff it with some Easter candy and maybe a cute little stuffed chick figurine or plush baby duck per child. This way at the end of the hunt, everyone has a good time and some nice Easter gifts.

The Clues

After you created your basket, hide it somewhere you know the kids will not be able to find it. If your place is small, you can hide it on top of a cabinet and cover it with something. Just make sure is high enough for them not even to spot it, or else, their curiosity may draw them to climb to some dangerous places.

Now for the clues. You can create two types of clues. If the kids are big enough to read, use words to tell them where they should look. If not, use drawings or signs.

There are also two ways you can mask these clues. You can put them on a piece of paper inside plastic colorful eggs, or you can write them on your very own paper carrots. To create the carrots all you need is orange and green construction paper. Cut long triangles from the orange paper, and cut a thick triangle from the green paper. Glue on the top of the green triangle to the bottom of the orange triangle. Cut the base of the green triangle, in long thing parts, as if it were shredded and leave the green shreds on. There you go! You just made yourself an easy paper carrot. Now all you have to do is write the clue on it and you are all set.

The Hunt

Hide the eggs and the carrots in easy to reach places, such as under the couch pillows, under the covers of your bed, behind lamps and so on.

Give the kids either the number of clues or a time limit and watch them scoop around for the clues. When the time is out, or they found all the clues, get all of them together and help them figure out where the basket is located. After the Easter basket is found distribute or raffle of the content to each kid.

And there you have it. This Easter hunt is a guaranteed success. It is so much fun that the kids will talk about it all year round and it is easy on your budget. Have a happy hunt and a happy Easter!

Source by Corina Volegna

Post Author: MNS Master