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Easy Roasted Potatoes that cook in just 20 minutes and turn out crispy, full of flavor, and are made with just three simple ingredients you probably already have at home.

The first time I started seeing recipes for roasted potatoes with mustard, I have to be honest, I wasn’t really sure how I felt. Sure I loved roasted potatoes and I definitely love mustard, but I couldn’t really wrap my head around putting them together. But then one night staring at a bag of baby potatoes that only had a couple days left and smelling the chicken that was roasting in the oven, I decided to take the plunge. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

Easy Roasted Potatoes that are ready in 20 minutes and cooked with Dijon mustard.

Not only do these potatoes cook in just 20 minutes, they have so much flavor. It’s such a genius combination with the savory mustard and creamy, earthy potatoes. It just works. Plus since the mustard does most of the work, there is no need to chop a bunch of herbs, mince garlic, or measure out lots of spices. They are so easy and so good. And they get really crispy with just 20 minutes in the oven. The key to getting them nice and crispy is to place the cut side down on the baking sheet. This allows the potato to get really crispy. And if you find the potatoes are tricky to flip after just 10 minutes, just leave them. Forcing them to flip over can cause the crispy outside of the potato to stick to the pan and no one wants to lose the crispy edges. They will still cook nice and evenly.

We ate these for dinner with a simple roasted chicken and green salad and by the end of dinner, we were all fighting for the last potatoes. They were definitely the star of the night and we all loved them. Again not surprising at all looking back since we all love mustard and crispy potatoes, but I just never predicted they would be so good.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making these Easy Roasted Potatoes:

  • Want to kick things up a notch? Although these potatoes don’t need anything extra, if you just can’t help yourself, you can try adding fresh rosemary, lemon juice, or fresh oregano.
  • Since the mustard is the workhorse in this recipe when it comes to flavor, make sure to choose a really delicious mustard. I have made these with both Dijon mustard and whole grain mustard and we love both. The whole grain mustard has musatrd seeds in it which will get nice and crispy in the oven and add a nice crunch to the potatoes. We haven’t tried honey mustard yet, but that’s next on the list.
  • If you don’t have baby potatoes, you can slice regular potatoes into thin wedges or chunks. You just want to make them small enough that they will cook up in 20 minutes. I imagine this would work really well with sweet potatoes as well but haven’t had a chance to try it.
  • It’s really important to put the cut side down when placing the potatoes on the baking sheet if you want to get them as crispy as possible. This will result in the most crispy edges. On the same note, don’t flip the potatoes if they seem to still be sticking to the baking sheet. Forcing them off the baking sheet before they are ready will cause the delicious crispy outside to stick to the baking sheet
Easy Roasted Potatoes on a serving dish with fresh parsley.

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Here are some of the products and tools I used to make this recipe:

  • Mustard: The mustard is the main flavoring agent in this recipe so make sure to choose a good one. When it comes to mustard, my all time favorite is Maile. I have used both the Dijon mustard and the whole grain mustard for this recipe and they both work great.
  • Baking sheet: There are so many options out there but I have been using this brand for years and find they hold up really well.

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