Eat Better and Live Healthier With a Paleo Diet Plan

Eating right is of paramount importance to humans these days and everyone is trying to make better food choices even if they start small. To support this, nutrition professionals and quacks alike have come up with a variety if diets and diet plans and have made them available to the large mass of people who want to benefit from a healthier diet. One of the more popular ones you may come about is the paleo diet plan.

Paleo is actually an acronym it stands for Paleolithic and it has as its basis eating natural and unaltered foods for the majority of your meals if not all. That’s why you will also hear this diet referred to as the caveman diet or the Stone Age or primal diet. The aim of this diet is to decrease the likelihood of an individual developing disorders and conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The diet consistants mainly of raw foods to include, vegetables, fish, nuts, fruits, seeds, eggs and meat. What types of foods are not allowed on this diet? – These include foods that are high in sugar such as cakes, pastries and candies. Also omitted are vegetable oils, dairy products, processed goods and grains. Although it is mentioned that the paleo diet does include meat, meats such as deli meats, pepperoni, pork sausage, chicken wings and bacon are not allowed. You will notice that the meats that should be excluded are those that are high in fat so you can use this as the general rule for any items not listed here. Also, not included in this diet are wheat products along with grain products to include barley, oats, rice and gluten free items. The major constituents of this diet are fruits and vegetables. You can have them only or you can have allowed proteins and use vegetable and fruits as snack items.

How is this type of diet beneficial? – Well, over time the foods you eat on this diet will allow you to stabilize your digestion. This in turn will help to make your metabolism faster which is great for those who want to lose weight or those who want to ensure they keep the weight off and maintain their current healthy weight. Due to the high protein content of the paleo diet you will find that a large number of athletes are known for following it. Although the diet is high in protein it is not lacking fiber as one gets adequate amounts of fiber from the nuts, fruits and vegetables that are allowed. This allows you to beef up your muscle development while helping you to lose fat that is causing the bulk of your weight gain. Since there are no processed foods you also do not need to worry about allergies.

If you want to decrease your risk of suffering from weight related disorders and conditions such as diabetes you should definitely try out this diet. It has a number of other benefits as well as it is the diet that our bodies were designed to consume and so the body will perform better when getting optimum fuel.

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