Eat Tacos and Have Fun Learning Spanish Online

Believe it or not, eating tacos is a great way to learn Spanish. And, you can use your online Spanish learning programs to help you. Here’s how to do it.

First, you need to know that there are many kinds of tacos. Taco means a light snack in Spanish. You can visit an authentic Mexican restaurant to try them out. When you order tacos, you could stick with beef or chicken, but true tacos really come in greater variety than that. You will need to learn the names for the various kinds of meats, and doing that will help you understand a bit about how they are cooked.

A great way to learn about tacos is to do your research before you go to eat them. Tacos are a common part of learning Spanish vocabulary in online programs, but you may also have to visit a few free websites to find all the varieties of tacos available. Here are a few varieties to help you get started:

Carne machaca = shredded beef, slowly cooked and seasoned
Carnitas = chunked or shredded pork that is sared in hot oil, and then baked slowly
Lengua = beef tongue, simmered in spices until tender
Lomo encebollado = onion-smothered beef tendloin
Papa = potato
Carne Asada = grilled skirt steak, usually marinated in advance
Nopalitos = cactus strips are often added to other ingredients
Pollo = chicken, usually simmered in spices and then sliced ​​or shredded
Pescado = fish, which may be any of a number of white fish fillets

These are only the basics. They will get you started, but you should know that tacos are one of the most popular Mexican foods, so there are literally hundreds of hundred of recipes. Each of the basic types of taco ingredients listed above comes with variations too numerous to mention. You can find many authentic taco recipes that are from various areas in Mexico, and you can also find just as many versions created by cookies and chefs all over the world. So, that is where your online learning Spanish resources will help you the most. You can find help for things like pronunciation of the taco vocabulary and also recipes to make them yourself.

When you source your own online Spanish learning program, you can practice sentences that you would use to order food in a restaurant, and substitute your taco vocabulary to complete the appropriate sentence. When used in sentences, you will find the word order to be, for example, tacos de pescado, which may be translated as tacos of fish. You will also find tacos de carbon, which means marinated, grilled meat cut into tiny bits.

The most fun you can have, will be to take some native Spanish-speaking friends along to have tacos with you, and then you do the ordering in Spanish. Your friends will enjoy helping you practice your Spanish, teasing and laughing with you, and eating tacos together with you. So, try lots of tacos, ’cause they are small, and life is good!

Source by Karen Celine Carlson

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