Experiment time – baking with my new hooded BBQ

Well today I made a simple 1:2:3 loaf with some wholewheat (17%) and spelt (8%). my objective – test baking in my new BBQ instead of in the oven over summer.  Just a standard 123 with a little extra water, 4 sets of coil folds.

here is my set up

I read up on how to do this, so the BBQ got to 475°F in 10 minutes so I reduced heat and put my 2 DOs in for another 15 minutes and watched temperature gauge, turning off thr 2 centre burners.  Popped the slashed loaves into the DOs spritzed them and returned to BBQ. watching the temperature fall, when it got to 375°F or 180°c I opened lid briefly and turned the middle burners on again. Turned them off once the temperature returned to 200°C.  after 15 minutes removed DO lids and baked another 15 minutes. After about 5 minutes I checked the bottom of the loaves only to find them burnt. I removed them from DO and propped them up against each other and continued the bake. the loaves didn’t brown as much as I usually get in my electric oven but after an extra 7 minutes internal temperature was 209°c plus so I took them out. 

Interestingly, my enamelled steel roaster over the cast iron plate but on a rack, burnt more than the enamelled cast iron roaster on the clay tiles over the open grid.

will see later  tonight how the crumb is.

Question:  yes it worked BUT I don’t want burnt bread so how do I modify my method to stop this?  yes I fiddled with the burners, turning them on briefly to keep temperature up but would it have been better to just let temperature drop and bake for longer?

HELP – all ideas welcome, I am an absolute newby in BBQ cooking, so all ideas very welcome.


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